After your youth, do some of you guys ever think about upgrading from that old, probably worn out backpack? Maybe you’ll agree that you might be facing a bit of a dilemma when it comes to carrying your gear to meetings, or just looking a tad less sloppy at the office. We’re certainly not taking anything away from backpacks, as on the one-hand they are an extremely efficient way to actually haul stuff around. But no matter how hard brands try to make a backpack look sophisticated, ruggedly masculine, even refined, it really is impossible that backpacks evoke a more juvenile time in our lives.

Nowadays, everywhere can really be your office, especially if you like to work from your favourite coffee shop or have a space in an office block, you have to cart all your office around with you, well, that laptop. So you’ll need a bag to keep your laptop safe and protected and out of the way, without actually looking like a laptop bag. There are plenty of options right now, there is no shortage of brands that accommodate all your work accessories, in one of their bags. As a result, these backpacks can really easily make any grown man look like his younger version in the years as a schoolboy, and that should not be the look that you’re going for. 

So, let’s see what’s out there. The briefcase, on the other hand, is really the height of sophistication for grown-up men, unfortunately carrying them by hand is both inefficient and annoying to say the least. Stuffy, can be, business-like, always and usually great and roomy for all the stuff you have to take to work, but, not really for the younger generation.
But if you’re a polished kinda’ guy then it will send the message that you really are a professional, always working on serious business, and a perfectly put-together man who’s a lot cooler than the rest of us. A tote bag is perfect for carrying a laptop, even upright, and these bags are pretty handy when you don’t need a full blown briefcase, so go for a tote bag that will give you all of the functions but none of the bulk.

And lastly the messenger bag, this work bag bridges the gap between a backpack and a briefcase, and wearing a messenger bag will give you guys a perfect in-between option, letting you carry it over your shoulder, without looking like your a stuffy accountant or carry it by hand, and especially as it will split the difference between youthful and mature.