How To Look Good For Less

Improving how you look will give you confidence, it will help boost how you feel about yourself and will improve the impression you make on others… but how do you do it without breaking the bank?

We’re very quick to spend big when we’re looking to fulfil a certain need, and the need of looking good can quickly leave your short of cash.

So in this article and video today, we wanted to show you 3 ways to help you look good for less.

1. Choose Function Over Brand

We’re drawn to brand, because as men in particular we chase status. Wearing a branded item will make us feel more important and give off an impression that we’re successful. But do you always need to shop high end brands?

Being in the fashion industry for over 9 years its no secret that a logo can increase the price of an item dramatically. You could have two white shirts, same fabric, similarly manufactured and in some cases made in the same factory but a logo being added can increase the price dramatically.

White shirt with no logo? Potentially affordable. White shirt with a Louis Vuitton logo? Go increase your credit limit.

So choosing function over brand will not only save you money but it potentially won’t make a lot of difference anyway.

To put this to the test we teamed up with to test the Silvercrest Hair & Beard trimmer. Again within the grooming industry you can pay a lot for products, but is there a lot of difference?

silvercrest trimmer

This trimmer costs only £22.99, a fraction of the price of other trimmers out there. To no surprise, the function isn’t something to complain about.

55 different cutting lengths, titanium-coated blade with a replaceable trimmer head, LED screen displays, memory function which remembers your last setting and a running time of 60 minutes when fully charged.

There’s similar high end branded beard and hair trimmers available with similar functions for a lot more money, but this one will cost just £22.99.

The trimmer is available in store with limited stock (so go check it out now) and you can find out more about it here.


To conclude, don’t chase brands instead, look for function.

2. Shop Second Hand

The famous saying “one mans trash is another mans treasure” perfectly summarises this tip. Shopping second hand can still get you value, but for a lot less.

In the past I’ve bought various items second hand, from friends, eBay, charity shops and even boot sales. There’s a vast array of products you can buy that people no longer want, but it’s just knowing what to look for.

ebay outfit

A recent example is Mikhail, a stylish friend of mine was selling two Hackett blazers. He no longer wore them, but for me they were items I wanted to add to my wardrobe. As a similar size to me they fitted well but more importantly they were still in good condition.

I’ve also bought a lot of shoes on eBay before, because buying a well constructed shoe from retail is costly. But you can buy exactly the same shoe, worn in by someone else, for over half the price.

Here’s a video that can help you pick up bargains on eBay.

3. Don’t Ignore Offline Shopping

Online is booming right now, within minutes you could book a flight to Australia or buy a new pair of socks hand stitched by a woman in Greece. Whatever you want, it’s now at your fingertips.

But with the boom comes competition, and also it leads to a decline in sales being made physically. So as a consumer, we can use this to our advantage.

Here’s how…

Shop in store more. As retail stores are struggling they decline their prices to try and get rid of unwanted stock. In the past I’ve picked up Savile Row flannel trousers and a Wool blend blazer for 80% off retail price. All because they need to get rid of stock to make space for new.

Do some research and find discount outlets close to you, or venture out this weekend and see what bargains you can find.


Looking Good For Less

It’s easier than you think, you just need to do a bit of research upfront and avoid impulse buying at all costs.

Ask yourself this before any purchase: “Do I actually need this?”

Tip 1 really summarises this point, avoid paying high end costs for brands to increase your status (only if you can’t afford them) and instead focus on function.

We’d love to hear your tips for looking good for less below in the comment.s.

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