How to Host the Ideal Boys Night In

Finding the time to finally hang out with your friends amidst your busy schedule gives you an opportunity, one that you likely want to make the most of if it’s not one that rolls around too frequently. This pressure might be magnified further if you’re finding that you’re the host of this particular event, and all eyes are towards you when it comes to planning something appropriately fun and engaging.

Well, start with some restrictions. For example, it has to be a night-in. This makes it easier to plan, knowing that several possibilities are excluded. From here on out, you can begin to look at what works for spending time in a specific setting, such as your home, and what kind of activities are at your disposal – both familiar and new.

The Right Games

Games come in all shapes and sizes, and even though video games might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about this, that doesn’t have to be what this refers to. There is also a plethora of board games that are designed for social occasions such as these, meaning that you have your pick from classics like Monopoly or something new and more experimental. Games, in any form, can be a good background or foundational activity to spur on natural conversation.

However, if you did want to go for video games, you have plenty of choices here – with classic multiplayer titles like Mario Kart or Jackbox being popular for such occasions. Alternatively, there also exist digital versions of real games, such as Monopoly, or bitcoin video poker, that might appeal more to the interests of your friend group. 

Playlists That Capture the Mood

Music is the great unifier, being something that everyone can enjoy, especially when it’s on in the background. Instead of having to consistently think of which song you want to put on next, it might be better if you simply think of a playlist that you can throw on and enjoy as background entertainment. Of course, this playlist might still have to include tracks that everyone there will enjoy, and there’s always the risk that the choice of music will be less agreeable to some than others. However, you could go about creating this in advance of the night itself, taking suggestions from all of the attendees in order to create the best playlist possible.

The Right Food and Drink

Knowing that you and your friends have some food getting ordered in that you can all look forward to can lend a great deal of anticipation to the night. Similarly, if you and your friends enjoy partaking in alcohol, this is a great opportunity to get some drinks in that can help the night to feel like a special occasion. 

While no single element from these suggestions might successfully make the night feel special, a combination of select components could give you what you’re looking for, especially if you tailor them to fit the tastes and traditions of your friend group while also being unafraid to try something new if it appeals to you all.