How To Gain Will Power

Indulgence is a human characteristic we could all do without. Oscar Wilde once said:

” I can deny anything but temptation.”

When it comes to achieving your individual goals in fitness and weight loss, it’s important to deny temptation at every turn

Our lack of willpower forces us into a spiral of self-fulfilling prophecy and takes us further away from our goals at each time. Sugar releases hormones in our body. It feels good to indulge, it feels right….and yet it’s so so wrong.

Every step backwards takes you two steps away from progress. The problem with bad food is that it’s so darn delicious.

Will Power

So how to do you steer clear of the bad food. How do you stay on the right path to success when it comes to your diet and training.


Put simply you need to DEFINE YOUR GOALS.

If you don’t know where you’re headed, you’ll never get there. It’s important to set yourself short and long term goals based on what you want to achieve. The crushing feeling of failure far outweighs any joy you’ll receive from a delicious treat.

When you’ve got a clear picture in mind, of where you want to be, you’ll be able to think of that goal every time you’re confronted with a ‘should I?’ moment.

Knowing you’re closer to your target is a far more impressive feeling, than gorging on a chocolate bar.


You need to walk away from those choices with your goal in mind. You need to be the Man in control. You are the Captain of your own Ship, the Sculptor of your own body. The Artist of your own masterpiece.

We’re not chasing perfection, we’re attaining it.

You need to make a conscious choice to walk away from that bad decision and congratulate yourself for it.


Often, something as simple as drinking a glass of water when you’re confronted with a craving is enough to make you forget about that treat.

Sometimes, our bodies will make us believe we’re hungry, when actually we’re just dehydrated.

Putting a stop to the craving by making sure your body has the water it needs is the easiest way to beating it. Especially if you’ve got a relatively easy opportunity to indulge in bad food.  (e.g. Working from home ).


Essentially you want to structure any damage you’re likely to do into 1 day.

Some Bodybuilders call it a ‘cheat day’ ….. I prefer the term ‘treat day’.

You need to congratulate yourself for staying on track. For doing your best and for ultimately succeeding.

Having a set time/day that you can ‘treat’ yourself will satisfy any craving in that sweet-tooth of yours, as well as shocking your body into a more anabolic state.

Here at Mens Fashion Magazine, I do 6 days of clean eating. Then have 1 day where I allow myself a 5 hour window to eat whatever i’ve been craving all week.

I get it all out of my system in that 5 hours, and any leftovers go in the bin.

This is without doubt, the secret to my success so far with my personal weight-loss.

Success will feed your motivation and willpower.

You’ll get compliments from strangers, friends and family members on how you’re transforming your body, and you’ll use that as fuel to the fire

The more progress you make, the more progress you’ll want to make…

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Feel free to ask me questions, and I wish you the best in the battle against your temptation.