How to Ensure Your Used Car is Safe to Drive: Steps to take before Buying

Used cars traditionally come in for a bad rep. This is because the act of selling a large item like a car can involve temptingly large sums of cash, occasionally trusting complete strangers to come to your house, and the delicate dance of the test drive: who accompanies who and how much trust should be extended to whom, precisely – and it can be hard to know who to trust and when. But there are some steps you can take to make sure that your purchase of a used car goes as smoothly as you could desire.

Trust – But Check!

Have your own mechanic accompany you to look at the car, if you can. Your mechanic will be able to spot potential problems that you would remain unaware of until it was too late, and he will be more inclined to be honest to you than someone who is being paid by the vendor. If the vendor is at all reluctant to let your mechanic peer under the hood and perhaps listen to the engine, then this should be taken as a sign that there is something going on with the car that they are hoping you will not discover until long after they have spent your hard-earned car budget! Second-hand car dealers are often very amenable to third-party checks as they want to offer a reliable and trustworthy service that will bring satisfied customers back time and again. KAP Motors offer pre-inspected second hand cars with complete car history & easy financing options. Visit KAP Used Cars Brighton Dealership to learn more.

Run an Online Confirmation 

You can use your mobile phone to run a check on the plates and VIN of any car you are thinking about buying. This will give you peace of mind that you are getting the car you think you are getting, and that it is in good condition, legally available for sale and has never been in an accident or written off by an insurance company.

Take a Test Drive

Make sure you get behind the wheel of any car that you are thinking about buying. Not only must the car feel like a solid ride to you, with a test drive you will get a better sense of how the car performs on the road in traffic – which is, after all, how you will be using it!