If you’re one of those guys who doesn’t drink at any time during the year, you can pass this blog by. But if you do like a tipple then the secret is to not overdo it. It gets dark around 4pm making you think you want something to drink, and invariably will be hanging around with people who are in the same mindset, like just a quick one to catch up down the local.

Most of the songs playing everywhere are about wine, cider or whatever making you want one, and then there is the cosy, idealised version of having a holiday drink, and then there is the stark cold reality that’s for sure, when you wake up the next morning at 6 a.m. with a pounding headache.

So assess the situation, what kind of Christmas holiday are you going to be dealing with? Going home to Mum and Dad, out with bunches of friends or family you haven’t seen in a while? Staying put in your home, or out with your significant other?

With family, you’re in luck, as without fail the prosecco will be flowing, followed by Christmas lunch and you may fall asleep watching some old movie after, but on the other hand it can be tempting to overdo it, and the just be prepared that you may have a drunken blackout in front of your family, which will be brought up for years to come, or you can straight up leave after food, but it’ll probably be your dad driving you home. Unless you can get an Uber.

If you’re staying wherever, make sure you drink water and slow your steadfast drinking down and stick to it. Keep eating or nibbling and stop when you realise your mum is getting cross at your ridiculous behaviour, even your friends if you’re out and think about your bank balance, which could be horrific after all the rounds you’ve bought.

The perfect time to start drinking is around 3 p.m during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean going on a bender. Even after a couple it’ll be dark, so you can take a quick nap when you get home and eat some food. We could say wait til later on any given day to start the festivities, but we know that’s probably unrealistic. Just keep it to a minimum til later in the evening.

Happy Christmas!