How to Dress Well For Less And Look Like a Millionaire

If you’ve been holding out on upgrading your spring-to-summer wardrobe, it’s time to accept it: you can dress well for less and come all the way back more, striking, happier and more elegant than ever.

Here are some wallet friendly ways to get your wardrobe brimming with clothes that will point you in the right direction this coming year from Carl Thompson, a top fashion influencer from London. 

So. Pay attention to the fit of your clothes. Your seasonal affective disorder can be put into place by taking your fave suit that lost its shape it altered at your local tailor. Anything you wear and love that has lost broken zips, rips and hemmed etc; can also be mended and altered at your local dry cleaners. And if you have lost buttons off your favourite jacket, shirt or trousers, get them mended as well. Don’t waste good clothes that just need a touch of love.

Carl recommends that some fabrics can look luxurious without breaking the bank. Cashmere is expensive, but fabric blends of 5% cashmere and 20% wool are not, but still look pretty expensive. Polyester has been made to look far more modern than in the latter years, so you can get a smart, good looking piece of clothing that is made of this fabric without looking cheap. Sub herringbone or textured trousers for your jeans to make your style 100% more classy.

So. This is all about care and repair. Wash your jeans and trousers inside out to stop fading or going bobbly. Make sure that you read the wash labels properly as to hot a wash will shrink clothes in the turn of a spin. You know the saying “ You can tell a man by the shoes he wears” so please keep your shoes well-heeled and polished. Trainers and sneakers should be kept clean, there are many products out there that will help you do just that, and replace the laces when they look dirty! Take pride in your appearance and you’ll be surprised how much attention you will get.

Think about looking online for designers and brands that will be BNWT but at a discounted price. Ebay, Depop and eBloggers and thrift shops often have iconic pieces hidden amongst the rails and plenty of branded clothes new and with price tags still on. Also try looking in outlook stores, you can always get some great buys, for everyday, work or weekend luxury and exceptional value even if they are last season.

In Carl’s opinion, layering your clothes carefully and with thought will make you feel more confident and set you apart from other guys. The key to pulling off a great look is a great blazer or jacket and contrasting colours, like neutrals. And if you want to go casual, wear well-tailored tracksuit bottoms with a structured, sporty jacket and t-shirt, keep a super-soft crew neck pullover, handy for chilly days.

Not all is lost for your ill-conceived resolutions if you read all about  ‘How to dress like a millionaire’ by Carl Tompson here.

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