How to Dress Up or Down with Men’s T-Shirts

Inside every man’s closet, one can find plenty of humble t-shirts lying around. No doubt that these have become a staple because of their versatility and, of course, affordability. Regardless, tees can be worn in countless ways, and they are a fit for almost every occasion. Finding men tshirts is not a problem as you can find so many online stores selling different varieties. 

The rules of dressing in a t-shirt are relatively simple. One can start with the most tees like a striped tee with short sleeves, textured crew neck ones, a solid vest with a hood, or a solid colored one having a V-neck. You can see many different colors, designs, and patterns to choose from. After buying one, you can pair them with literally anything from jackets, knitwear, blazers, and collared shirts. 

However, there are some ways one can play around with different t-shirts. Discover some of those secrets of looking extremely good in tees in this article.

Following the Dress Code – Dressing up a T-Shirt Tip #1

Wondering what the most essential part of dressing in a t-shirt is? It is about knowing the most appropriate t-shirt to wear to an occasion. 

If the event is casual, there’s no reason you should avoid wearing a tee to an occasion. You can pick up any design, like a black-colored solid tee with short sleeves or printed ones with crew neck and short sleeves. A themed shirt works well depending on the occasion for example birthday t-shirts are great if you feel like letting the world know it’s your birthday.

The Fit Factor – Dressing up a T-Shirt Tip #2

Everything builds off if you have the correct fitting t-shirt. It is, in fact, one of the most vital things one must be aware of while dressing up to a tee. You can understand it is a good fit if – 

  • If the dress conforms to your distinct body shape.
  • If it makes you feel comfortable and confident at the same time while wearing it.

Finding the right fit is one of the core secrets of looking good on a t-shirt. Ill-fitting clothes hide your masculine shape, regardless of whether you have a rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, oval, or inverted-triangle body shape. 

Here are some points you need to remember after trying out a new t-shirt –

  • The tee should fit perfectly without being tight or uncomfortable around the chest or waist.
  • The tee should not reveal too much of your stomach. 
  • They should not be too long to hide more than half of your biceps.

The Neckline – Dressing up a T-Shirt Tip #3

When buying a t-shirt, check the neckline style because it matters to your overall look. V-necks are usually a better option for fitness freaks because of how they reveal well-built chests. 

Whereas crew necks are the best option for men with a thinner body structure. They draw less attention to your torso and make you look good overall. Whichever style you choose is a matter of personal preference, though.

Wrapping Up

Another thing you need to consider while choosing men tshirts is pockets. Is it reasonable to have them on your tee? Well, it is more of a personal choice, but usually, it is better to avoid tees with pockets. They become baggy over time.