How to Dress for Cold Weather

No one likes packing on the layers, but sometimes its essential. As the cold weather hits, it’s essential for us to dress sensibly (and fashionably) to defy the forces of the cold. To combat the big freeze, we’ve put together a bulletproof list of all winter essentials, to help you get to grips with How to Dress for Cold Weather.

Winter Coat

If we have learnt anything from our fellow animals, its that adaptation is key as the seasons change, and even though we cannot wear our own layer of fur warmth, we can switch up our outerwear to act as this in the winter days.

Chunky Knit Jumper

For a fashion piece that looks good over and under anything, a good chunky knit jumper is a winner across the board. You can throw one on for the morning commute, and even be versatile enough to switch it up for the weekend dog walk. This chunky knit should be THE go to piece for your winter outfit.

Leather Gloves

For all us men out here, gloves aren’t something we usually reach to. They aren’t overly practical and they tend to just be a bit of an inconvenience. However, investing in a good pair of leather gloves could be the game changer. Don’t settle for some cheap mittens that wont last the season, but invest in some high quality gloves that’ll be slick and sleek to wear and be functional and practical in all of your daily activities.

Hand-knitted Scarf

Be proud of what your mumma gave you, literally, wear that scarf she knitted you all those years ago. Follow the bohemian trend and reach for the chunky knitwear. Whether it’s paired with your suit for the office, or with your comfies on a weekend stroll, scarves have cemented their place in the winter outfit necessity.

Turtle Neck

If you’re not cut out for the scarf life, or if you want to rock both, why not try a turtle neck as your trusty outfit companion. Not only are they chic and sophisticated, they are also toasty and keeps your neck warm. Follow the trends, and your heart by keeping warm this winter.

Ear Muffs

Rock that muff and keep your ears warm with a trusty pair of earmuffs. They may look silly, and your girlfriend might steal them from you and look 1000% more adorable, but hey, we don’t make the rules, (ok maybe we do), and ear muffs are one of them. It also means you dont get hideous hat hair on the way to work!

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