How to Dress for an Evening at the Casino

If you’ve never been to a casino before – and many of us haven’t – your only experience of what to wear will come from films and TV shows. These tend to be a gilded mirror of reality, where everyone is sartorially savvy and never less than impeccably turned out.

In truth, the dress code at most casinos is less highbrow than you might imagine. While you are expected to be well turned out, there is some room for manoeuvre. Yet we all know that terms such as “smart casual” only make choosing an outfit more difficult – in flexibility lays endless possibility.

That’s why it’s handy to have an in-depth style guide like the one we’ve created for you here. Rather than “read it and weep”, our advice is this: “read it and dress appropriately”. Your entire experience will be better for it.

White tie

There are very few occasions in life where you will genuinely need to dress in white-tie attire. The only exceptions to this rule here are likely to be private casino events, where it will be made very clear to you that this is required.
If you get invited to such an event, take your styling seriously. This means investing in a good tailor. You’ll need a black dress coat and trousers, a white shirt with a wing collar, white vest, bowtie, and gloves, cufflinks, and black leather shoes that have been shined until you can see your face in them.

Black tie

Black tie officially means semi-formal attire, but for the majority of us, it’s about as fancy as it ever really gets. This is the standard dress code for most casinos, and while there may be some flexibility, you’ll blend in best if you adhere to it.
This essentially means donning a smart suit, preferably one that’s been custom-made. You’ll want a sharp cut and clean lines in a dark colour and to pair your ensemble with a formal tie and black leather shoes. You should remember that going to the casino is an occasion – one it pays to embrace.
While you’re there, you’re likely to spend a fair amount of money, and you’re best to do the same before you go too. This means investing in a suit that will make you feel slick, suave, and like all eyes are on you.


Your other option is to go casual, but even where this is acceptable, “casino casual” is very different from every other definition of the word. You’ll still need to look smart, and why wouldn’t you? The occasion is a glamorous one, and half the fun is embracing this fact.

This means that, at the very least, you’ll want smart trousers, a button-down shirt, and the sort of shoe you’d feel comfortable wearing to the office. Anything less and you’ll be failing to embrace the extravagance of the experience.
If, on that note, you feel a night at the casino is not for you, there is another option. To get all of the excitement and fun without the need to dress up, you can game on the internet. This type of play is so popular now that there are entire sites dedicated to finding and sharing the best online casinos in USA. These include reviews, bonuses, and more to help you find an option that suits you.

When it comes to embracing the casino experience, it’s important to have an outfit that makes you feel like you belong among the high-rollers and money men who frequent these gaming meccas. Follow our useful and informative guide, and you’ll never have to worry about getting it wrong again.