How To Dress For A Summer Wedding

Before we delve into the nuances of your wedding attire, let’s get one thing straight – what you and your male entourage wear on your wedding day is just as important as your ladies’ dress no matter when she, her mother or her friends may tell you.

This is your day too and looking dapper should be of the utmost importance to any man stood at the top of the aisle.

Dressing for a wedding is not always as easy as wearing top-and-tails (in fact we here at MFM suggest you avoid this clichéd, overplayed look). It’s important to ensure you do not take too much of the attention away from your blushing bride – an all-white Liverpool F.C Cup Final suit is not recommended.

Paying attention to details and wearing something that actually fits can go a long way to ensuring you look just as dashing as your wife looks beautiful. Here’s a few ideas on how to approach the big day from all angles…

The Groom

wedding 1

Just like your soon-to-be wife, standing out from the rest of the assembled throng is your first priority. Yes you will have best men and ushers adorned in similar attire but it’s your day so be a little different.

wedding 2

The key is to making sure your suit fits like a glove. Get. It. Tailored. This does not mean a trip to Saville Row, it means buying a good suit from the likes of Reiss, Tiger of Sweden or Paul Smith and getting a good local tailor to take in the shoulders, let down the hem or whatever it is fits your proportions. Comfort shall always be the order of the day but make it look classy.

wool grey jacketsporter ami trousersollie blazers

blend slim trousersisland blend jacketchecked island troser


Adding some detail to your outfit is an easy way to stand out and thankfully there’s a wonderful array of men’s accessories to choose from. Get a good watch and a silk or knitted tie, purchase a good leather wallet (have the date engraved on the inside), buy a good belt and most of all make sure your shoes are well polished and well soled, do not wear a pair you have been clubbing in a hundred times before.

uniform wristwatchveneta walletsbrioni striped tie

andersons beltslanvin rose pinchurchs boots

The Day Guest

wedding 3

Some men, myself included, don’t feel comfortable wearing a suit – especially in the summer heat – so a wedding can be tricky if you’re invited for the full day; you’re obviously close enough to one of the families to be there for the whole shebang so it’s important you make the effort.

wedding 4

That said, it doesn’t mean you have to wear a three-piece suit, in fact even the tie is optional. As long as you’re wearing a good crisp suit and shirt with a good pair of shoes, you’re pretty much sorted.  Linen shirts are always great and a lightweight grey suit never go amiss on such occasions.

fitted wool blazerswool tailored trouserspencer linen shirt

mark suede broguescanvas waxed beltsnatural cardholder

The Evening Guest

wedding 5

Just because you’re part of the late evening, beer-swilling rabble, does not mean you can rock up in shorts and flip-flops. You can, of course, ditch the blazer and we suggest a casual, short-sleeve shirt or polo shirt worn with either suit trousers (great because of the lightweight material) or some summer chinos.

wedding 6

Your shoes can also be a little more casual – you will after all spend half the night ‘dad dancing’ but by no means does this give you an excuse to wear jeans, t-shirt and trainers. You’re at a wedding, have a little respect.

poplin greygrandad whiteharold shirt

oskar pantsnavy cone studiosmulo suede

Last Few Words…

If you work in an office all day, wearing a suit is de rigueur so it’s imperative that a wedding does not simply feel like another day at the mill. If you’re the groom, of course a new suit goes without saying but if you’re a guest, do not feel obliged to splash out on a bespoke suit, a new shirt, tie or shoes shall suffice.

The key to all outfits, be it the groom, day guest or evening guest is in the details which is great for us gents as there are a plethora of options available on wedding days. From pocket ties to tie-pin, cufflinks down to your socks, the weeding day is the ideal opportunity to add the personal touch to your attire.