How to Choose Clothes When You’re a Bigger Guy

When you’re browsing online or out there in the clothes stores, it’s essential to dress for your body shape. If you don’t, you can feel bad about your body, endure a lot of frustration, and feel like you’re guessing whether a certain garment or outfit will work. Understanding how to dress well for your body shape, on the other hand, will allow you to buy clothes that enable you to feel fantastic, will make it possible for you to spend more time finding clothes that suit you and make you appreciate your body more. Below is a little advice on buying clothes, especially when you’re a bigger guy.

What To Consider When Choosing Clothes

Unfortunately, you can’t just whip an item off the rack and expect it to fit perfectly. There are a few things to consider when choosing the right clothes for you:

Your current wardrobe: Every item you buy should go with others in your current wardrobe. Don’t buy an item if it will hardly ever be in a rotation of your clothes.

Your own personal fashion style: Make sure the clothes you buy are you and fit your clothing style.

The garment fit: If it’s a size too big or too small, don’t buy it.

Colors: You can improve your look instantly by choosing the right colors.

Whether you like the clothing: Ask yourself whether you actually like the piece of clothing you’re planning to buy. Only put in your wardrobe the clothes that matter to you the most.

Buying clothes when you’re a bigger guy

If you’re a bigger guy looking to buy some clothes, finding the right clothes is a little trickier. Here are a few items that work well for bigger guys:


Belts can slide off you if you have a larger stomach, which is why it’s better to wear suspenders instead. Rather than bunching at the top, the trousers fall in a smooth drape at the front. Not only will using suspenders make you more comfortable, but you’ll also buy better quality trousers that are equipped to accommodate suspenders.

Tailored Shirts Untucked

Looking to de-emphasize your waistline? If you’re wearing a tailored shirt, leave it untucked. Although it’s less common to wear long-sleeved shirts untucked, you can pull this off if you wear a jumper over it. 


Hats are a terrific style item for a guy that can dispense with any negative judgments people might make about bigger guys. They’re stylish and can transform almost anything into an outfit, and they also show that you went to more than just the minimum effort. If you’re stocky but short, a hat can add some extra height and make any lack of height feel like less of an issue.

Dress Shirts with Broad Collars

If you have a broad face, you should buy shirts with broad collars to go with it. “Spreads”, shirts that have a separation of more than 90 degrees, are ideal. As well as make your face seem more proportioned, they allow you to tie full Windsor knots.

Thick and Heavy Fabrics

Go for thicker, heavier fabrics. The weight of clothes such as flannel shirt helps to give them more structure. As a result, they sit more comfortably on your body and don’t hug every inch of your figure. 

A Few Extra Style Tips for The Bigger Guy

You can boost your look with the following tips:

Wear well-groomed facial hair: You don’t have to go out and grew a super-thick beard here, but a neatly trimmed beard will help firm up your features.

Wear large accessories: Big men require big accessories. Thick, large items such as watches convey strength and presence.

Choose wide ties: Again it’s about proportions. Your accessories should be in balance with your frame, so if looking for a tie, choose a wider tie than average.

Big guys may have some trouble finding the right items, but it needn’t be that difficult. Follow the tips above and you can easily be stylish regardless of your size.