A foolproof way to get the perfect outerwear this winter…

We all know that not all coats are created equal, and on the grand hierarchy some are far more important than others, and certainly in the colder months of winter is where coats come into thor own: not just as an essential extra layer of insulation, but will also give you an immediate indicator of your new season style, and that’s pretty important! But with an abundance of choice right now, we are steering you away from bomber jackets and puffer coats into the world of looking a little smarter without having to change your dress style. It is tricky to know maybe what style is best for you, what will look good and what to spend your money on, so that the coat you buy will be worn way into years to come. So here’s three coats that will see you through winter and beyond.

The coats, whether you want to call them an overcoat, topcoat, crombie or camel coat, the tan colour of the mammal is still having a moment, and probably always will, but if tan isn’t your colour, them the options are endless, cream, black, white, blue, red and green, and indeed the length too, short, mid or long. The most popular way it’s interpreted is in topcoat form whether worn with sharp shoulders, which is probably best for preppier guys with narrow shoulders or worn slouchy with a softer cut.

The classic trench coat: It’s a coat of timeless style, that’s got a bonus of being completely functional in the rain.You can get them in the classic light beige colour, khaki and black, giving plenty of colour options. You needn’t think of wearing them in the winter as being thin and cold, winter ones can come with removable inner quilting to keep you snug on chillier days. One of the best things about a trench is the sharp double structure of the style that makes a strong enough statement on its own, so basic layering underneath is all you need. You can’t go wrong with a few favourite winter essentials, a poloneck sweater and straight cut jeans. Throw on some Chelsea boots and you’re cooked. Ideally, in warmer days leave your trench open to show your style off, as the combines colour wheel look simple but effective.

The nautical peacoat: natty peacoat is easily overlooked, but wearing one of these coats you’ll be able to hold your own around today’s maximalist dressers, and if you’ve crossed the threshold into your 40s, this is an especially good move, but really this coat applies itself to any man who like classic clothes but doesn’t want to be boring about the way he wears them. So, try wearing the with slim-fit indigo denim jeans or white jeans, yes, you can wear white in winter, with brutish combat boots, which gives a nod to classic navy uniforms, and a chunky poloneck which will put the peacoat front and centre of the wardrobe icon that it is, instead of looking like a safe choice for staying warm.

Suck it winter.