How to Beat the Work From Home Snack Habit

To Work from Home has its benefits and disadvantages. We have the ability to have all our comforts around us and anything we could possibly need within reach. One of the biggest struggles, is the close and easy access to the snacks cupboard.

It’s easy to comfort eat when you’re stuck at home all day, but here are a few tips and alternatives to Beat the Work from Home snack habit.

Our one stop shop to tackle and combat unhealthy snacking habits, is to replace the negative foods and replace them with healthy and nutritional alternatives. One of our favourite snack alternatives are flapjacks, protein bars, fruit and veg crisps, popcorn and nuts. These can all have nutritional and positive effects on our bodies and immune systems, something that is essential when confined to a small space.

Thanks to The Goodness Project, we have found all of these options in one place. They curate and organise selection boxes filled with nutritional and healthy snacks to boost your wellbeing. They have put together the ultimate Home Office Snack Box filled with over 70 snacks to last you months of WFH.

Order one to fuel your days, your team or treat your colleagues! This trial box is also a great option to find out more about our snack offering and services. Each package contains 3 scrumptious veggie snack boxes: a box of assorted nut mixes, a box of assorted snack bars and a box of crispy snacks.

If you are looking for a healthy alternative and a pick me up to keep you going through the day- check our The Goodness Project for a one stop shop for healthy snacking.

The Goodness Project have answered all our prayers on helping us through a productive Work From Home day.