How To Accessorise on a Budget 

When it comes to being a sartorial man, you likely understand that the devil is in the details. Getting dressed every day isn’t complete without making sure to throw on an accessory or two and a spritz of your favourite cologne. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe to include more accessories or trying to add to your existing collection of the perfect finishing touches, but are also ballin’ on a budget, keep reading for ways to accessorise on a budget. You’ll be looking and feeling your best in no time, with plenty of money left over to show off your look all around town. 

Shop Secondhand 

Not only is shopping second hand a sustainable choice that is great for the environment, but you can also save some serious money doing so. Additionally, when you shop at thrift stores, vintage or antique shops, or one of the many secondhand online marketplaces, you’re likely to score some unique pieces that no one else will be wearing.

If you’re not very good at sifting through crowded secondhand shops, save time and decision fatigue and go online. It’s best to look through your favourite fashion magazines and online sites for fashion inspiration before heading out to know exactly what you’re looking for. Vintage Panama hats, antique pocket watches, and retro designer ties are a fraction of the price when purchased secondhand. 

Use Social Media 

These days, it’s easy to shop right through social media apps. You likely dismiss a lot of ads you see on Instagram or TikTok but use them to your advantage. Say you’re in the market for a new pinky ring or some mens chains; access the app’s shopping feature to see what styles your favourite celebrities and influencers are wearing and where to buy them. Shopping online through apps gives you a quick way to compare prices and inspiration on how to style the pieces you’re looking for. Sure, we may spend too much time using social media, but when using it to save time and money, it’s a lifesaver. 

Keep It in the Family 

So many people these days are living more minimalist and intentional lifestyles. While this concept may be second nature to you and others, it’s likely not to older generations in your family. Your grandparents, parents, or close family friends likely have attics, closets, and bedroom dressers full of accessories just waiting to have new life breathed into them. Next time you visit someone whose sense of style you admire, offer to buy some of the accessories they’re no longer wearing. 

Shop Sale Sections 

There’s nothing like getting something you love at a price point you love more. By being a savvy shopper who first checks the sales section for items you’re on the hunt for, you have more money to buy multiple pieces or money saved in your rainy day fund. When shopping for clearance accessories, make sure they’re in good working order.

Check scarves for snags, make sure jewellery clasps are functional, and that watches come with working batteries and can be adjusted to your size. When shopping for higher price point accessories like cufflinks or fine jewellery, these can be found directly on jewellers websites or in-store at great deals. 

Store Credit Cards 

While it’s critical to be mindful of how much of your credit you’re using and that you’re able to pay off store credit cards, they can save you a ton of money if you’re able to pay off before the balance starts collecting interest. Whether you’re shopping in a big-box store like Target or Walmart or a smaller one, most companies nowadays offer major discounts when you apply for and pay with their store’s credit card. They also offer options to pay off in-store. So, if you can save an additional thirty percent by opening a card, turning around, and paying it off right then and there, why not? If you go this route, stock up on all the accessories they offer at that location for even deeper discounts. 

Adding accessories to your aesthetic daily is the cherry on top of a great outfit. Depending on your style, your go-to accessories could be a gold chain and signet ring, or maybe you’re a turquoise necklace and braided bracelet type of guy. No matter your style, by adding signature pieces you’re known for, you curate a signature style no one will forget. Don’t forget; the devil truly is in the details.