No you can’t skip that daily scrub up, whether in a bath or your morning shower, but you can skip washing your hair with shampoo, and how’s that you ask, well  just wet your mane with plain old water.

Does that seem to be a little unclean, but no, you’re way off.

So how often should you wash your hair? Well every guy is different but probably on average about every three days with shampoo, as in fact washing daily can actually backfire and leave your hair and scalp in not such a good condition. Two or three times a week is probably enough to wash your hair with shampoo, and in between, we’ll try the natural way, with just water alone. Believe it or not, your hair will feel fresh and smell clean.

So why shouldn’t you wash your hair daily, you may ask? Unless your hair is greasy there really is no need to wash it everyday, as most people probably won’t produce enough sebum to feel greasy until day three, and if by chance you do have a greasy scalp, by sweating a lot or have super thin hair, washing every other day is preferable, but please don’t do it daily! If you have the above problems then every other day is ok if that’s what your hair is like. Sebum protects your skin from overdrying  so really by overwashing you don’t want to strip it everyday with shampoo.

And did you know that you should rinse more than you wash, as wetting your hair depends on how sweaty or dirty your hair feels. If you’ve been to the gym and our hair is a little sweaty but not too bad, feel free to ash in water only, but if you’ve done a Crossfit workout, your hair could probably do with a wash, Sweat alone can be rinsed off by water alone, but sometimes you need to shampoo to remove dirt and oil.

Thinner hair is more delicate and tends to get greasier faster so probably you would do well with the every other day approach and this type of hair requires a delicate balance. If you wash every other night your freshly washed hair that is cleaner gives the illusion of more volume and will feel a whole lot better to touch.

For a thick head of hair, go for the three-day week – you’ll be fine.