How Has Dressing to Impress Become Part of the Casino Experience?

There are several locations at which dressing up to the nines is standard practice, allowing men to put on their best suits and aim for a strong impression. The casino is one of the favoured spots where this type of elaborate dress is seen as the norm. The smart dress has even been continued at online casinos, where there are live links to real dealers. How did this come to be the case, though? Was smart attire actively encouraged or is it because of a Hollywood influence?

Online Casino Dealers Reflect Traditional Casino Opulence

The fact that online casinos still try to reflect the style and smart attitude of traditional casinos shows how this way of dressing has become embedded in casino culture. When players log on to play table roulette live, they are faced with real croupiers who are smartly attired in the slickest uniforms. In Prestige Roulette, for instance, the staff members are dressed in tuxedos and ball gowns, reflecting the highest opulence.

This way of dressing conveys expertise and authority and continues the long-held tradition that casinos are places at which people should put extra effort into looking their best. Seeing elaborate costumes can even add to the thrills of the game, as players may feel as though they are in the thick of the action at a luxurious gambling house.

Do Casinos Expect Players to Dress Smart?

While smart dress may have a strong connection with the casino, not all casinos expect players to be dressed in their finest threads. In Las Vegas, most of the casinos allow players to dress in any way they fancy, with the idea being that everyone is welcome to express themselves however they choose.

Some of the most extravagant casinos in the world, on the other hand, have extremely strict dress codes that must be adhered to by anyone wishing to enter. The Casino de Monte-Carlo is known to have some of the most stringent dress policies on the planet, as it wants to continue the customs that have lasted for the best part of two centuries. This means that no shorts or t-shirts are allowed, and formal attire is a must. When a lot of people imagine smart casino dress, it is places like the famous Monaco location that they envisage.

Casinos on Screen Usually Reflect Extravagance

Aside from the high roller casinos of Monte Carlo and Macao, gambling houses have often been depicted as places of lavishness on screen over the years. Particularly in many of the James Bond films, the suave spy has entered exclusive casinos wearing his best finery. In the first-ever 007 outings, Dr No, Bond plays in a high-end London casino in which everyone is wearing formal attire. The scene is designed to show what kind of character Bond is – slick and attractive to the other sex.

Even though a vast number of people now play casino online, there is no need to deviate too far from the classic dress code. Indeed, players could easily dress up smart to play live games at home to recreate the traditional casino vibe.