Even to bed?

Style starts with the basics, and why is that, because the reason is simple, you can always count on them to build a really good and winning outfit around. There are many ways to style a T-shirt, from tailoring to 1970s silhouettes, to elevate the most essential pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

Simple unstructured blazer? Works day and night. Straight-cut denim jeans? The subtle understated dress nod we need. A white T-shirt? The crewneck is the ultimate and perennial undergarment and it’s highly likely that you have a few lurking in your wardrobe.

We all know that the T-shirt can be worn with virtually anything, even a suit, it can be slotted into an outfit for any occasion and can create a look that is anything but lazy. But what should you be looking for when you buy a tee? Sometimes you have the think just a little beyond, “ Oh here’s a T-shirt, that’ll do”, as different fabrics, fits and necklines hold the key. Ideally you should go for cotton, it’s light, breathable and super-durable. Do you want a tight fit, or slightly baggier or both? If you want a baggier tee then the seams should fall below the shoulder. Fancy that perfect fit? Then make sure the seams sit well on the shoulder.

Whether you’re going to wear your tee to relax your tailoring game or want to tuck that bad boy into your jeans, with a worker or chore jacket we all know that the options are endless. So if you want to wear a T-shirt with tailoring, it has now become the complete norm, and it’s a great way of relaxing your suit and guarantees a much more effortless and modern approach.

Keep the look as simple as possible. A single breasted suit is more casual than a double breasted, and shoe wise, pristine white trainers look good with a white tee, or leather boots will work any hour of the day with a black T-shirt and a slim satin scarf, the night sorted.

A T-shirt is a great way for winter layering. Wear it as a base, under a v-neck sweater, under a shacket or denim jacket, worn with indigo or medium blue jeans and a crombie overcoat. Chuck on some Chelsea boots or sneakers, pretty simple really. We’re sure that you know how to layer, but there’s layering and clever layering. The T-shirt’s versatility has a great deal to do with its ability to outlast any trends that is thrown at you; it really is the only piece of clothing that can be worn, simply and realistically for any occasion, under a suit, with a suit, pub date, and yes, even to  bed.