Check out one of the best and most stylish sneakers out there

Do you ever get a little tired of looking at the same style of sneakers when you’re out to buy a new pair? Do you ever wish you could get a pair of sneakers in your fave colours? The sneakers we’re talking about are the ones in your closet that you’ll turn to, after your beloved ones have now gone and lost their style, looks and are quite frankly worn out.

They still remain as templates, the same styles and looks as countless iterations of others before them, and there are so many that you lose track of the countless collaborations, and the retro reissues, always in stock and usually always in style and on a hundred  and worn on other guys feet.

The fact of the matter is that guys nowadays have made a conscious decision to look for sneakers with relative affordability but can give them styles with a difference. Everyday sneakers are easy to replicate  back home, and the influencer crowd seems to have found refuge by heading upmarket. Needless to say, this is where savvy guys who want more than normcore need to be heading too. The fact that such a large percentage of men have made a determined effort to make sneakers the primary footwear, now they want them much more stylish.

One of the best and most stylish companies out there is Hockerty a clothing and shoes brand that has come up with concept that allows you to design your sneakers online. You choose your sneakers, and they offer a variety of mens styles, from classic white to fancy ones, and all of their footwear is customizable: all you have to do is choose the material, design any extra details and they will create your amazing sneakers and deliver them directly to your doorstep. What more can a guy ask for?

They’re athletic shoes that any fan from die hard enthusiasts to the most casual observers of the culture would, should and can be proud to call their own.

And they couldn’t be easier to get, so head to Hockerty and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our pick is the new Hockery sneaker, that reflects not only a sophisticated yet casual look. Made to order,  this 100% leather shoe embraces a sense of modern attire on classic themes, and the brand-new line up is a perfect result of the brand’s story through quality, design and precision with their ethical craftsmanship. The multitude of shoe models, colours and details is what Hockerty stands for; individual empowerment and confidence.

So the next time you feel you deserve a great pair of kicks, just skip the virtual, and physical lines altogether for one of these bad boys instead.

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So the next time you come down with a hankering for a crispy pair of kicks, skip the (virtual, physical) lines altogether and fork over the very reasonable asking price for one of these bad boys instead.