H&M Linen Edit

During the summer months, our fabrics of choice change drastically. No longer do we need wool, corduroy and flannel, instead, we need linen.

This fabric is perfect for when the weather warms up: its durable, breathable and looks bloody cool. Its natural texture it what really sets it apart, it can be either rough or smooth and looks great both ways. This time of year is perfect for expanding your wardrobe by replacing the old with a splash of new, and linen is definitely the fabric to go for. H&M have brought out quite an extensive range of linen products to make sure you don’t overheat in the months to come, with everything from tailoring to casual, there really is something for each individual style. Allow me to walk you through a few pieces that I believe deserve a place in everybody’s wardrobe this summer season.

Regular Fit Linen-Mix Trousers – £24.99

Linen trousers should in every man’s repertoire. Easy to pair with pretty much anything you’ve already got; pair white trainers and a white t-shirt (tucked) to create an outfit that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but cooling at the same time.

Linen Jacket Slim Fit – £59.99

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean that you can’t dress smart. With a few alterations, you can as tailored as you are in winter, just without the excess sweating. Pair the blazer with matching trousers, or even a darker shade of linen and you’re office ready.

Linen-Blend Shirt Slim Fit – £19.99

Even in Summer, I enjoy to layer, and linen is THE fabric to do it with. Thrown over a white or navy tee, this shirt adds interest to your outfit but also allows air to move freely. Perfect for the balmy evenings in the beer garden.

Regular Fit Unstructured Linen Jacket – £39.99

Yes, another jacket, but look at it! Who wouldn’t want to be seen strutting around on a late summer evening with this airy little number on? Paired with a striped t-shirt and white shorts, and this is summer all packaged up.

Written By Tom Loughran