High-Roller Accessories That Signal Success

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When it comes to signaling success, nothing is more powerful than accessories. What you wear can have a profound effect on how people perceive you and how your life evolves. 

Knowing what to wear, though, is challenging. There are all sorts of theories out there as to the direction you should go. Getting it wrong might have the opposite effect on what you want. 

Therefore, you’ll want to develop some skills and expertise to go along with your high-rolling. Looking the part only works if you can convince other people that you can play it, too. 

You’ll also want to develop a strong work ethic. Being at the office early in the morning is a fantastic way to signal to the people around you that you’re serious about getting work done and you believe that it takes perseverance to succeed. 

Cultivating strong communication skills can also help you leverage using accessories to signal success. If you can talk to people in a natural yet powerful way, you can grow professionally and improve what you do. 

Be careful of picking accessories just because they look superficially good or trendy. Fads come and go in the men’s fashion space, so it is critical to be aware of what works and what doesn’t. 

Danny Dyer was one of the most successful actors in the 2000s, but his winning streak came to an end in the last decade. The same is true of so many accessory options that you see men wearing. What worked twenty years ago is unlikely to work in the same way today. 

You also want to be careful to not misplace your focus. Accessorizing can help you project a certain image, but you need skills and knowledge to go along with it. Billionaires don’t just get lucky: they also put in the thinking and effort required to do something game-changing that adds value. 

Why Signaling Success With High-Roller Accessories Works

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of which accessories you should choose, it’s worth talking about why high-roller accessories can be so beneficial. After all, it’s not obvious how it helps. 

The first is that it gives you a confidence boost. If you are wearing something that makes you feel successful, it creates an unconscious idea in your mind that you will eventually be successful.

For example, you might suddenly feel more confident walking into a business meeting or having a more commanding presence in the office. You might also feel confident when simply going to work or interacting with more senior people at the company, making it more likely you’ll get a promotion. 

The second reason is that accessories help to complete your look. You’re much more likely to appear complete if you add the finishing touches to your outfit. 

Some people won’t notice these, but people with their eyes on the ball will. The more polished and put-together you look, the more seriously people will take you. 

Finally, accessories can foster success by enabling you to express yourself. When you feel more like an individual, it can help you stand out from the sea of gray faces in the office and get your points across more succinctly. 

Which Accessories Should You Choose? 

So, now we’ve established why signaling success with high-roller accessories might work, it’s time to run through some of the most popular options. Of course, the style you choose will depend on your personal preferences and what you like the most. However, the following options will work for most men in most situations, particularly in the work environment. 

Pocket Comb

Keeping a pocket comb seems like something straight out of the 1990s, but it’s worth having on in your blazer pocket while you’re at work. Tidying up your hair before a meeting with a client can help you put your best foot forward and convince them of your professionalism. It can also make you feel more confident when you go into high-pressure situations. 


Wearing a pair of sunglasses can be an option in some circumstances. However, you’ll need to be careful in your selection. 

The best sunglasses are those that help you develop a sense of mystery or charisma around your character. These cause people to want to learn more about you. 

The worst sunglasses are those that make you look like you’re about to go on vacation with your beach shorts. These signal that you’re laid-back and not interested in providing the best service or the most value. 


You can also accessorize your outfit with signet rings. These help to add some depth and charm to your outfits while exuding a sense of power. 

When choosing rings, go for gold. Find masculine options that stand out on the hands and immediately complement the rest of the outfit. Use the best metals to change how other people perceive you. 

A Leather Belt

You might also want to invest in a leather belt. These are an exceptional way to elevate your look and add ruggedness to your appearance. 

Belts are essential for anyone who tucks their shirt into their pants. These create a separation between the upper and lower parts of your body, creating a necessary border. If you skimp on this, it won’t look professional and people will wonder why you aren’t wearing a belt. Perhaps you forgot? 

A Classic Watch

Watches are super expensive, which is why high-rollers love them. But you don’t have to spend the big bucks. You just need something that looks the part (at least when you’re first starting out). 

The best watches have a story behind them. Aviator-style timepieces, for instance, are popular because of how they originated. These were popular among pilots who wanted to time their missions and use their watches in extreme environments. 

You could also look for antique watches. These can be expensive, but there are bargains to be found when sellers don’t understand the true value. 

A Simple Leather Wallet

A simple leather wallet can also be an excellent way to accessorize when you go out. Keeping all your cards inside something minimalist and functional can be an excellent way to create a good first impression, whether paying for clients or entertaining a date. 

Classic Sneakers

You can also contribute to a masculine look by buying some classic sneakers. Brand-new shoes can look fantastic, whether you want to dress up or down and you can wear them with any outfit.


Finally, you might want to add some cufflinks to your attire to help you signal success. These replace those cheap buttons you find on so many shirts these days, letting you create a fundamentally different impression from other people who don’t think as hard about accessories at your workplace. Plus, you can play with some funky designs and styles, which is always interesting. 

What Else Can You Do To Signal Success?

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Of course, accessorizing isn’t your only option for signaling success. There are other things you can do to influence other people and change their perception of you. 

Get The Right Fit

You’ll want to start by choosing clothes that fit you. Slim-fit suits were all the rage until recently, but any carefully tailored suit should suffice. 

Picking the right fit is more challenging than you think. Most brands make clothes to fit the average person, not your specific body type, so you will always need to make changes. 

That’s why so many people work with tailors (and cities like New York and London are full of them). Getting professionals to adjust clothing helps it hug your body better and make you feel more comfortable at the office. 

Groom Properly

It also helps to invest in proper grooming. The more presentable you can make yourself, the more confident you’ll feel, and the more attractive others will find you. 

Proper grooming requires getting things like regular haircuts, trimming your beard, and taking care of your skin. If you don’t want to manage any parts of this process, sign up for subscription services and get boxes with all the kits and instructions you need delivered to your door. 

Sort Out Your Posture

Finally, you’ll want to work on your posture. Standing in the right way can have a profound impact on how people perceive you. 

If you can learn to stand up straight, it can help you look and feel more powerful. If your body doesn’t want to stand tall, go to a physiotherapist. Professionals can provide you with exercises and improvements to correct any imbalances and ensure that you can deal with things like slouching shoulders or pelvic tilt. 

Wrapping Up

Being a high-roller does require skills, knowledge, opportunities, and luck. But you can tilt things in your favor by doing things that signal success. The more you can convince the people around you that you’re flying high, the more likely you are to succeed long-term. 

It’s not about tricking people. Instead, it is about playing the role, both for others and yourself. Some people perform better when they know they look great. It can make all the difference in the world.