Henri Lloyd Black Label – The Real Modern Day Pioneer

A huge part of fashion is the interaction between designers and those that they wish to encapsulate with their work. Henri Lloyd has acknowledged this and not only done it, they’ve taken it that step further. With their latest spring collection – entitled ‘The Real Modern Day Pioneer’ – Henry Lloyd has asked three individuals who present this Modern Day Pioneer look, merged it with a contemporary take on sport fashion and allowed these individuals to tell their stories.

These three individuals are James Marr, Magnus Reid and Adam Atkinson who all share the same passion, drive and dedication to the field to which Henry Lloyd has chosen to provide products for. With Henri Lloyd, they wish to push the boundaries of style and performance whilst maintaining a stylistic balance. They wish to lead the way with fabrics that are far from ordinary and designs that are constructed around authentic techniques.

henry loyed

Each the three gentlemen – or Pioneers as they are – are given a jacket to wear from the Spring 14 Black Label collection. Henri Lloyd has done something quite clever and interesting which is to merge two main drives within their company – the ambition and intrigue of pioneering and the interest in fashion. By doing this – and seeking out three men who appreciate both – they have brought together, arguably, two worlds that reflect perfectly.

The Black Label itself is inspired from the range of the mid 1990’s that forges the latest trends within modern menswear. They do this by staying true to their interests – which is sport fashion – and by bringing it into the modern age. The collection is an embrace of the original Black Label mantra – ‘Same Planet, Another World’ – and has become the catalyst of showcasing Henri Lloyd’s techniques and performance.

For more information and to read the intriguing interviews with these three men, go over to henrilloyd.com/black-label , where you will understand the Real Modern Day Pioneers from their own voices.