Help is here for your baldy heads and chins

After months or years of having a beard, being beardless is back in fashion, but let’s be honest, if you’ve decided to remove that load of facial fuzz, you don’t need to be left with a jaw as rough as the front doormat.

Cold weather is great when you have a beard to keep your face warm, and when your double chins are multiplying by every minute, but not so good when your face is clean shaven, looks rough as hell and gets a bashing from the elements. 

Bee Bald little tubes of goodness are also great if you don’t have a head of hair. They cover you guys that are bald, or with little or thinning hair for that ultimate head luxury. Made with all natural ingredients of honey and pollen extract for healthier skin, and contains nourishing moisturisers with SPF suncream protection, which is perfect if you need to keep your face and head sun free.

So we’re down to basics about how you care for your face, keeping it in tip-top condition for that baby-faced glow. It’ll be good to see some fresh faced men happy to show neither a beard or one bit of stubble in sight, but if you want to take it one step further, then up your grooming and skin regime ASAP, with Be Bald.

Bee Bald 5 Piece kit:

There is nothing better than having a set of grooming products that you can have to hand and rely on every day and night to give you the ultimate in grooming. Be Balds products consist of 5 pieces that include products that clean, heal scrub, shave and smooth.

The CLEAN daily cleanser refreshes and gently cleans by scrubbing away dry, flaky skin, which winter weather certainly brings. You’ll end up with a fresh tingly face, especially great to use first thing in the morning!

The HEAL post-shave healing balm immediately calms and soothes your skin treating bumps, razor burn, and other shaving problems along with the good old touch of face redness. Not quite ready for a Santa face yet.

The SCRUB exfoliating pre-shave cleanser deep cleans and removes dirt, and oil, and back to that flaky dry skin, this is another little tube of magic that will help with that! The SHAVE is light and slick shave cream to give you that quick and so smooth that’ll be way above your expectations. You’ll be impressed! The SMOOTH moisturiser will tone, hydrate, moisturise and literally make you look so good you won’t believe it’s you. Since your skin hydration needs will vary accordingly, keep this gem handy at all times.

As this set is so good, why not treat your dad, best friend or brother to one this Christmas.

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