Height increasing shoes give you confidence

Elevator shoes are made to make you taller, more confident and more in control. So not only increasing your height but also the benefits are multiple and you can enjoy all the benefits that an elevator shoe can offer. If you feel that wearing these shoes helps your confidence and there is nothing better than trying to feel better about your own image. Designed to make you feel taller, they get their name from the fact that they literally will ‘elevate’ you. It probably appeals to those of you that are a little shorter in stature, although taller men are getting into the elevation mood as well. 

Mr. Norris elevator chelsea boot:

Named after the Melbourne-born violinist, add a string to your bow, with a great pair of suede leather chelsea boots with hidden heels that will increase your height by 7cm. What makes these elevator shoes different from your regular shoe is the total increase includes the hidden insole but visible outsole and that makes you 7cm or 2.8 inches taller and as a result the shoe elevating is fairly inconspicuous – and that guys is a plus! 

If you feel the need to increase your height by a further 1.3cm or 1,6cm, select one size larger and insert the 1,2cm Ezylift insoles or 1.6cm Ezylift insoles available from Jennen.

The key component of the elevator shoe is the insole, thickened in the heel area, made of non-compressing polyurethane with the JENNEN cushion comfort layer. And other benefits are that if you suffer from discomfort from ‘flat foot’ syndrome you can also enjoy wearing any shoes or boots, as the heel elevation raises the heel so the foot doesn’t stretch as much. The great thing is that it really works! 

Not only do elevator shoes really work but they also come with some added health benefits.

Improving your posture,and height-increasing shoes can make you walk straight and taller, preventing that slight ‘hunched’ look, this in turn will also make you look taller naturally. However, we know that height is a measurement that is highly valued for whatever reason and if you’ve alway thought that you’d love some extra height, Jennen can boast about an extensive range and styles, types, colours and unique designs, for whatever you reason want them for, smart, casual outdoors, etc: Jennen shoes can find you the perfect pair of height increasing shoes, just made for you. High quality and high in demand.

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