H&B London

Here at MFM we feel it is important to bring your attention to brands that we feel bring something extra to the table. H&B London are an amazing brand that creates unique accessories for the contemporary gentleman. They have an exclusive range that is made in Britain and designed so customers can express both their individuality and style. The company was born from our frustration with the current market in men’s accessories. It is their belief that “Luxury” products are being made for a couple of pounds from the cheapest materials available. British heritage labels are manufacturing in foreign factories to increase their margins. Designs are unimaginative and worn by countless others.

3They set up H&B London to do things differently. They have set themselves an amazing set of core values so that you know how they feel about quality and what they are offering to you the customer:

  • Quality – A luxury product should be made from the finest materials. Our leather goods are made from the most exclusive Italian leather made from the hides of cattle grazed in the Alps where there are no barbed fences or mosquitoes to blemish their skin. While our cufflinks are cast from 100% Sterling Silver.
  • Individuality – A luxury product should be rare and exclusive, distinguishing the owner from others and allowing them to express their individuality. At H&B London each of our designs is unique and aimed at making our customers more stylish and distinctive.
  • Trust – Being able to depend on the quality of our products, our advice and our customer service at all times.
  • Craftsmanship – We are a British brand, which means all of our products are handcrafted in Britain, by British artisans using centuries old techniques passed down from generation to generation. These craftsmen lavish their time and expertise to create pieces of real beauty and value.

2One of the most important decisions when making a wallet is the choice of leather. At H&B they use only the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is an artisan tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation for over two hundred years. It produces a leather of peerless quality, which is supple and ages giving a unique patina and character to the wallet. This level of commitment to a product is great to see and it shows you how much care and consideration goes into each piece to ensure each customer receives something of high quality and luxury.

To get your hands on some top quality luxurious piece head over to their website HERE.