HAY – Homeware to get Excited About

When it comes to home decor, I am guilty of choosing items that aren’t particularly practical but look good. This has led me to buy some slightly questionable items in the past, that was all before I discovered a brand called HAY, they beautifully combine both form and function to create some truly fantastic items. Items that serve both the functional needs and the aesthetic desires of even the most discerning buyers.

“At HAY, everything we make draws from three primarysources of inspiration: art, architecture,and fashion. We have always paid close attention to and been inspired by our surroundings, and putting our finger on the pulse of contemporary culture is how we keep pace with the world around us.”

With each piece being careful created by skilled craftsman, you really feel like you’re buying into a system of beliefs based on quality, as well as beautiful looking homeware. I recently bought a couple of pieces for myself, allow me to show you what I’ve bought and more importantly, why.

HAY Sowden Kettle & Toaster

Toaster- £119


This particular toaster and kettle is one of the finest we’ve seen, they wouldn’t look out of place on anyones kitchen countertop, that’s the real beauty of them. Designed by award winning designer George Sowden.