Happy Socks x Snoop Dogg AW14 Collection

November 1st 2014 will mark the unveiling of Happy Sock’s campaign and collaboration with artist, Snoop Dogg, whose aim is to encourage and explore creativity and artistic expression. The campaign, entitled ‘The Art of Inspiration’ sees a new platform for Snoop Dogg whose passion for different creative mediums is discussed.

“I find that painting allows me to explore certain emotions I’ve never been able to express through my music or acting,” said Snoop Dogg when asked about the campaign with Happy Socks who are notorious for their use of colour and patterns. “The collaboration with Happy Socks is so natural,” he continued, “because they saw what I was doing and provided me with another platform to further display my artistic abilities.”

The interest sparked when Snoop Dogg encountered Happy Socks – a Swedish company founded by two friends with whom their premise was to spread happiness by making an everyday essential into something creative – and immediately included the brand’s patterns into his day-to-day fashion life. Snoop Dogg and Happy Socks since began working together to cultivate the partnership.

CEO of Happy Socks, Mikael Soderlindh, spoke about the partnership: “Collaborating with artists throughout their creative process is what makes Happy Socks complete and what helps us remain the pioneers of design socks,” he said. “Everyone is creative in one way or another and have their own way of getting inspired and expressing individuality, but all together, we can agree that we need to be creative to be happy.”

The campaign sees a new array of socks and underwear that are built upon Happy Sock’s themes as a company but branches into the new and unexplored with Snoop Dogg’s painting enthusiasm. So mark November in your calendar, gents, it’s going to be something new, something different and something, more importantly, creative.