How To Deal With Hair Loss As A Man

Goldilocks will always be the Queen of hair. But when it comes to us men, where do we turn to?

Short, back and sides has had its day, and let’s not mention the mullet any further than this point. But in a society where baldness is synonymous with insecurity and old-age for some, how does this look stand up against the current trend of shaved heads and bushy beards?

So whether you’re losing your hair or purposely shaving it daily, let us give you the low-down to shiny heads this winter because after all, baby, it’s cold outside. And if in doubt, we know our stuff about hats, too!

Losing Your Hair?

Have you noticed some thinning on top and an increase in your hat collection? There’s a good chance you’ve tried shampoos, possibly medicines or perhaps considered a hair transplant.

Unfortunately, hair loss might be genetic and, therefore, out of your control. It could be stress-related, although we’d choose a spot of baldness any day of the week over Donald Trump’s golden plume!

So while your genes may start the battle, you can certainly take back control and win the war.

A number of shampoos and superfoods have been seen to help men overcome baldness. However, these have been shown to only be short-term solutions to a life-long problem.

As a result,  many men are turning toward the notion of hair transplants and surgeries which enable long-term solutions. 


A Hair Transplant

Once you begin to lose your hair, it is hard to think about regaining those Casanova locks. This, you may find surprising, doesn’t have to be forever.

The most modern hair transplant techniques can get you ‘back to looking and feeling the way you used to – or ever better’, the people at HSHC believe.

The transplant is a lifelong investment in looking and feeling your best. Whether this aids your confidence, vigour, or boosts your dwindling self-esteem, this new lease of life surgery may be just what the doctor ordered.

All types of men hair loss is treated at the HSHC. Nevertheless, in order to determine individual treatment, the type of hair loss you are experiencing must be determined.

Generally, us guys fall into one of three categories. Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss, affecting 98% of men who experience hair loss in their lifetime.

However, there is also Telogen effluvium, usually caused by lifestyle choices such as diet and stress, as well as non-patter hair loss; this relates to any random and/or rare hair loss experienced, such as scarring alopecia and compulsive hair pulling.



This is not as offensive as it sounds, or involves any profanity. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a modern, advanced technique of hair transplant where hair is extracted from the donor area, the back of one’s neck, for instance, and then transferred to your scalp.

Using a powerful stereo microscope and specialised extraction instruments, the hairs are carefully placed in order to grow naturally.

Customised treatment is available therefore you don’t have to be already completely bald to be the ideal candidate for such treatments. Their doctors will examine your hair, examine your medical history as well as discuss patient-specific options and goals; they have successfully treated men and women at all stages of hair loss so you’re in safe, expert hands!

What’s more, the team has created an online graft calculator for you to envisage which possible treatments are suitable for you. The team is highly experienced and will help you through every stage of your journey.


Not that you want as much hair as a Middle Earth hobbit(!) but if this sounds up your street, then visit The Harley Street Hair Clinic to begin your unexpected journey.