Hair App MyKlipPics Launches

Ever been to a hairdressers, they sit you down and ask what you want and you try and explain it to them and you know they’re just not getting it? Or they throw in a few buzz words to try and show they understand what you’re saying and then you don’t get it?

Well there is now an answer to solve this dilemma and ensure you don’t have to pretend you are happy with your haircut when you leave, you really can be thanks to Skyler Logsdon who recently launched the app MyKlipPics.

MyKlipPics is a new app that allows its users to show their stylist photos of the desired haircut and includes details and buzzwords to help create the perfect look.

hair app

The app will allow you to show a stylist a certain hairstyle you like, before getting the chop. You won’t have to try and explain it to your barber, hoping that they can visually understand the requirements you’re after. You can upload photos of your hairstyles, enter stylists names, make notes for future reference and export your hair cuts to good ole’ social media. The app will also update regularly with new cuts and styles, allowing you to keep on trend.

It’s hard to tell your hairdresser what you want, but it’s easier to show them, especially thanks to this app. Want it?  You can download it from the app store here.