The incarnation of the “MOTE“ — a men’s tote bag

Autumn is supposed to be one of the nicest times of the year, endless trips to town or the city for shopping, and in order to get through a season’s worth of  shopping, walks in autumn forests, down to impromptu trips to the park, trips to windy beaches, weekend roadies to cities and regular old work days but it sure requires lugging a load of stuff around and you’re going to need a bigger tote. Now we’re talking about a tote bag that has about the same amount of storage space and a 4×4.

Nothing ruins a guys outfit that a set of bulging pockets – nothing. So if you’re a style conscious man that carries more than just your keys, wallet and everyday essentials, phones, laptops, charges, folder full of papers, and even your lunch, there just aren’t enough pockets for this daily haul. Thankfully Groundtruth have come up with very stylish options for you dudes, from backpacks to totes and bags for phones and camera, and plenty more. Let’s be honest, man bags aren’t a new thing, they’ve been everywhere for a while, and now that these bags are no longer a novelty, it’s important that maybe you find one that’s just a little bit different.

So, as there are seemling infinite totes aout there to choose from,  and despite their ubiquity on the street, some tote bags seem to carry some cheap baggage, a not-so-good name, those that are not made to withstand the haul, and functions  as a lazy substitute for a computer bag or briefcase, and there is nothing more bland than a man that’s carrying a tote that’s equality as bland. 

And because we think it’s the bag of the future, here’s a few details about this gem we found.

15L RIKR Technical Tote:

Slim, attractive and guaranteed to garner envious glances , amnd is an ideal way to bring your business documents to a big meeting or interview, it’ll leave you unencumbered by excess baggage and looking sharp as a razor. This award winning tote, named in ‘gear of the year’  by Wired is made from 100% recycled plastic and 100% Carbon neutral, coming with storm proof opening zip, separate laptop compartment, trolley sleeve that turns a pocket and fleece lined sunglasses compartment and guaranteed to survive the toughest conditions. 

Straight up utilitarian options, backpacks, holdalls and messenger bags are always the safest options, but don’t write off this handheld tote, as it has long handle straps that can be neatly concealed when not in use, so the thought of toting a tote after a marathon session in the office no longer makes to feel good, you can sling this bag over your shoulder. If you’re an on-the -go-guy, and need a bag that does it all, backpack, crossbody and hand carry, then this is the place to find it.  And trust us, here’s a message to all you guys who tote seems to simply tote with confidence, when we say you’ll be looking as cool as hell carrying it.

But beware this is a unisex bag, so don’t leave it lying around or your girlfriend/wife might nab it!

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