At Home Grooming Advice From a Master Barber

By Stefan Avanzato

Valentine’s Day is going to be different this year, but just because we’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean us guys can’t look and feel our best for those lockdown dates. I’m here to share some grooming expertise to help you look great and feel even better for the big day – whether it’s a takeaway and TV with your partner, a long-distance Zoom call, or even if you’re a single guy who just wants to take care of himself.

In my role as Gillette’s Master Barber, I regularly advise men that caring for your facial hair has many benefits beyond just looking sharp. That moment in front of the bathroom mirror can result in a new style that yields confidence, it can allow you to feel fresh as well as look good, and it gives you that mindful moment which can really kick-start your day. So my first piece of advice is simple: embrace facial hair care as an act of self-care, whatever your style.

I also recommend using beard care products to nurture and nourish that facial hair and to keep it healthy and well-groomed. I use the King C. Gillette beard care range, which is fit for any man’s grooming needs and offers the perfect blend of iconic Gillette heritage with modern shaving technology. Trimmers, oils, balms, razors, washes, it’s got the lot – meaning you can master your style from the comfort of your bathroom mirror.

If you’re rocking a shorter-length beard, these simple steps will help freshen up your facial hair for your Valentine’s Day date.

  1. Wash: First thing’s first. For proper hygiene use, apply the King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash and rinse it off with water.
  2. Trim: Grab the King C. Gillette beard trimmer, pick the comb length that’s right for your beard, and finish those clean edges by using the clipper without the grade attached.
  3. Shave: Keep that neck area neat. Splash with water, apply the Transparent Shave Gel, then shave that neckline with the KCG Neck Razor – its Skinguard technology will minimise irritation and bumps. Wash the gel off when finished.
  4. Soften: Apply the Beard Oil to soften your hair and avoid dryness. Looks good, smells good, and feels great for your date.

If stubble is your thing, get it into shape for your date with these quick tips and tricks.

  1. Wash: Again, washing is the perfect place to start. Splash water onto your face and lather up with the King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash.
  2. Trim: For the perfect stubble length, use the beard trimmer. Pick the comb length that matches your style and use without the comb for those clean edges.
  3. Soften: Apply the KCG Soft Beard Balm to make sure your stubble doesn’t feel rough or scratchy. Whether you use it as a leave-on treatment or wash off straight away, the refreshing signature scent will stay with you throughout your date.

So whether you’re wearing stubble or short-length facial hair, that’s your style taken care of for Valentine’s Day. The rest is on you!

For more facial hair care advice and tutorials, get yourself over to King C Gillette’s Instagram channel.