When you suddenly find that grey hair, are you shocked, annoyed or just going to embrace the fact you’re on the way to be a silver fox. But unless you’re 25 and under you have every right to be. But sporting the salt and pepper look is probably the most graceful grooming move you can make.

Grey hair is something you may struggle to avoid, but the reality is, that as you get older you ultimately succumb to the same. It’s a fact of life and means that you’re better off embracing your new inner silver fox instead of frantically trying to stave it off, especially since grey hair might actually look cool on you.

When the inevitable march of ageing means you all may have the opportunity to trial the salt and pepper look – it is not because your hair turns grey. In fact your hair colour is fixed, but for some of you it may come a little sooner than planned, as it’s in your chronological clock.

In fact, sporting the salt and pepper look can be probably a great look if you’re not nearly up to having a full head of grey hair. Grey hair can start in your 20s, but more than likely in your 30s and onwards, this is due to the lack of pigmentation as your hair ages, and it can feel a little coarser. So, yes, go ahead and embrace the sign, you can just simply let nature take its course and with a lot of men, go ahead and welcome the inevitable transition in your life that comes with age. Even if you don’t want to go down that road, think about the constant dyeing your hair, and unless it’s done professionally it’s pretty tough to get that natural look. 

So now you’re seeing the grey, there are a couple of roads you can go down to take on your new good looks, on a daring path, you can shake up your standard hairstyle and embrace something totally different. Maybe shorter, aka George Clooney who as we all know is very famous for showing us just how good a silver fox can look. When it comes to having a haircut with your new thatch of salt and pepper or all grey, if you want to go short or shorter, take care about what you want from your your new hairstyle and cut, Remember that without your usual colour density, you back and sides can look shorter and will show a bit more of your scalp.

You never know, sporting a touch of salt and pepper might be the best hair and grooming move you can make. Go for it.