Grenson Collaborates With LC:M Finest

It’s well known that many of us here at MFM have a certain kind of addiction to footwear including myself, and for some unknown reason our footwear collection increase each season (however does that happen?). So when we found out that one of our favourite footwear brands had a new project, we were a little more than excited.

Grenson is a wonderfully stylish brand who have decided to take things into their own hands (or feet) when it comes to stylish footwear and innovative collaborations. With the love for LC:M growing each season they have decided to team up with six of LC:M’s new wave labels that are already making their mark on the fashion world.

Grenson-01-GQ_18Feb13_pr_b_813x494The resulting product is a range of footwear designed in collaboration with designers including Craig Green, Katy Eary, Christopher Raeburn, Sibling, Agi & Sam and Matthew Miller. If that wasn’t enough they are now all available to buy on one of MFM’s ultimate online shopping destinations Mr. Porter.

As you can see from the images, these shoes are something else. Have we already bought a few pairs? Well, do you really need to ask that? We suggest you follow suit (or shoe!) and get some extra style on your feet.