GO THRIFT – The future of fashion, what is it looking like for you?

Perhaps you’ve heard that thrifting is having more than a moment and there’s never a better time to educate yourself, purchase old important clothing, even new or newish important clothing and incorporate enough into your wardrobe. We think that the thrifting, repairing and reworking of clothing is the future, going forward in a more educational direction. And as for sustainability’s role in our fashion and clothing world, we see thrifty clothing becoming even bigger of not only basic clothing but of a mainstream fashion trend.                                 

There will come a time when most people will come to realise that thrifting is really an amazing way forward for so many reasons and so for so many different styles of clothing, starting with a branded and designer clothing, there’s nothing like it, and hopefully in time more mainstream brands are going to begin doing just that. The appeal of online thrifting not only for young consumers, is limitless to say the least, there is such an advantage of never moving from your chair, you can toggle between page to page, and of course, the best benefit of online shopping, second hand or not, it gets delivered straight to your door.

But be open to discovery, thrift shops on the streets or online are great at finding a hidden gem or that piece of clothing you’ve wanted for ages. So if you find something that you like in your size, buy it and buy it fast. It can be all about that moment of hesitation when you go back and it’s gone, it’s all about using your common sense judgement. Woe to those that dither.

So with the caveat in the swag, just like love, there are no rules we say, for buying and wearing second-hand modern or vintage clothes, and if anything if you look through Go Thrift you’ll get the most of the way to actually being a good expert without feeling you’ve emptied your bank account or actually ended up with garbage clothing.

So who are Go Thrift? A fabulous online shop that was launched in 2019 by Carl, Katie, Sam and Sarah, who’s love of second hand clothes bought them together to give not just vintage, but giving pieces a second chance of finding a great and wanted home. Their mission was to make sustainable fashion choices affordable, so that you can buy maybe that coveted piece you have always wanted and wear without waste!

They certainly don’t chase trends, they make them and with mens, women and premium sections, be prepared to be online for a while, the choice is amazing. From vintage leather jackets to 90s sportswear, and literally everything in between, they will have it!

They believe when ‘sustainability meets affordability, we can build a society with the power to reverse the fast fashion mindset’. Wear without waste.

Buy Online here: GO THRIFT