The toggle coat: An iconic essential

As the years roll on, it becomes increasingly evident that the peacoat holds the unofficial title of the quintessential autumn jacket for the everyman. And why not? The peacoat is the reliable classic—an outerwear choice for hardy seafarers, fashion runway luminaries, and everyone in between.

However, there’s a drawback to this universal silhouette: that awkward moment when you find yourself strolling down the street surrounded by countless men clad in the same jacket as you. This is why we’ve witnessed a surge in the popularity of the peacoat’s younger sibling—the duffle coat—as a refreshing alternative. The duffle coat has become the perfect complement to any A/W look; it hugs the body snugly while paying a stylish homage to the Ivy League heritage, complete with its distinctive horn button closures. And what’s even better is that a duffle coat is a smart choice that breaks the monotony and adds a dash of individuality to your wardrobe.

So, here we have Gloverall, the renowned British heritage outerwear manufacturer famous for its iconic duffle coats, that has joined forces with the esteemed French menswear brand De Bonne Facture to unveil two exclusive editions of Gloverall’s iconic Monty coat, scheduled for launch on October 2, 2023. This collaborative effort pays homage to their shared values of local heritage and masterful craftsmanship, and the collection is a labour of love, meticulously handcrafted by local weavers using naturally undyed materials sourced from indigenous sheep breeds, promoting sustainability and supporting local communities, both in nature and among people. This collection caters to men and comprises two distinct designs; the first, Check and Dark Brown, is fashioned from Shetland sheep wool fabric, meticulously woven by the storied Scottish mill Lovat. The second variant, Ebony, derives its elegance from Noire du Velay sheep wool fabric, woven by the skilled artisans of Le Passe Trame in the scenic South West of France. 

The collection has been created by skilled local weavers who have utilised untreated, eco-friendly materials sourced from indigenous sheep breeds, demonstrating a commitment to bolstering the environment and the local community’s well-being. The Noire du Velay sheep wool fabric is woven by the regional artisan Le Passe Trame, derived from the fleece of the Noire du Velay sheep breed, with each thread is carefully selected, spun, and woven by skilled hands, creating a fabric that is not only soft and warm but also endowed with a unique character and texture and when fashioned into garments like the Monty coat, it not only embodies the warmth and comfort of a well-made piece of clothing but also carries with it the spirit of a place and its people, making it a true embodiment of heritage and artistry. 

In men’s fashion, some classics endure the test of time, and these duffle coats are a prime example of sartorial longevity. While each coat boasts a unique texture due to the contrasting fabrics employed, they all share the hallmark features of the Monty coat, including wooden toggles, jute rope fastenings, hood and a cotton herringbone webbing interior. These limited-edition coats offer a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL, and what sets these duffle coats apart is their versatility – equally at home on the bustling streets of a city or the windswept shores of a coastal town, they effortlessly bridge the generational gap. For the younger guys, it’s a statement fashionable piece; for the mature guys, it’s a timeless investment that exudes elegance, symbolising a refined taste. However, the outcome remains the same: you’ll exude elegance, whether casually draped over a suit or paired with a basic tee and jeans.