V-neck sweaters are entirely unassuming, but really ultra desirable, but probably the least likely for you to wear over wearing a crewneck sweater. The basic rule of wearing a sweater was crewneck are great and V-necks ain’t. Fashion loves to keep a man guessing, but it’s not surprisingly you haven’t had to agonize over what neckline you prefer. The V-neck reflects a desire for more normcore dressing, and it’s unsurprising that fashion turns to the familiar and the comforting and that all in knitwear.

There are many ways to wear a V-neck sweater without looking like your dad or grandpa, of course, the risk with the V-neck alongside some styles of corduroy, quarter zip fleeces and those ugly trainers that without at least some flair you will look a little old-fashioned. So if you want to dress up but don’t want to wear a button-up then go for a double crewneck layer. If you want to go really casual, then wear with clothes that have a slightly undone feel to them. If you’re thinking of going more formal classically indebted style, then the V-neck sweater edges that way. 

Wear it with a t-shirt so that it looks more intentional rather than accidental, and it has a lightweight heft so it’ll be your versatile best friend. Under a suit and over a shirt, it’s cut-out shape just so happens to work well with a shirt-and-tie combination, meaning that whatever you want to wear your jumper with, when you’re experimenting with layering, you can get creative. Apart from being technically passe, it also embodies that fact that unfashionable becomes fashionable again, To start with the V-neck’s shape is more dramatic, so there’s a little more room to play with underneath; you can think beyond a shirt and tie, just a shirt for an evening at the pub, but ott deep ‘V’ enough to become a navel-grazer.

The new V-neck is unassuming, it’s simple, considered, with clean lines, in tactile fabrics that state the case for subtlety. If this season says anything it’s texture, so look for V-necks in buttery wools that will add some cosiness and depth to your outfit, which in turn will be perfect for the season’s other trending fabrics, like smooth corduroy, which is big this season, so try trousers or a jacket to complete the look. Great look down the pub we say.

If you feel the look brings you down to looking like a schoolteacher, you can always toughen up your look with a smart overcoat, the former will help you get rid of the fuddy-duddy IT-department staple in a more casual and very welcoming rebellious direction.