Get Resort Ready With These Five Pieces

Get Resort Ready With These Five Pieces 

Resort season is right around the corner, and if you’re like a lot of people who have been hibernating all winter, you’re ready to get out of dodge. While it’s essential to try and pack everything you’ll need for your trip, it’s also important to want to be as stress-free as possible; after all, it is a vacation. Packing like a minimalist may not be for everyone, but if you’re armed with the following pieces for your getaway, you won’t need much else. Let’s look at your must-haves for your packing list this resort season. 

Leather Carry-All

While many men’s fashion enthusiasts are well versed in the basics every man needs in his closet, he may not recognize that his luggage says just as much about him as his clothing. Investing in a high-quality leather bag is the right move, no matter how often you travel. Whether you want to go with an XL size bag or more of a weekender, shop around for a beautiful leather carry-all that speaks to you. There is no doubt you’ll use this bag for the rest of your life and get plenty of compliments on your travels. 

The Perfect Shades 

The same way eyes are the window to the soul, and your sunglasses play a significant role on your face – especially during vacation. Since people can’t look into your eyes, at least let them gaze at some gorgeous sunglasses. While it could be worth it to visit an eyewear store to try on and find the perfect shape for your face, it’s worth it to invest in high-quality sunglasses.

Even if they’re not covered in the designer’s logo (if that’s not your style), investing in designer sunglasses pays off in several ways. You look stylish, they are more comfortable, and most importantly – they’re sturdier. Everyone is rough on their sunglasses but even more so when traveling, so shell out for the timeless designer pair you’ve been eyeing.

Linen Pants 

It doesn’t matter who you are; if you’ve ever worn linen pants while walking through a town square in Italy or the pink sand beaches of Bermuda, you know you looked cooler than everyone else. Additionally, you were literally cooler than them because of the fabrication of your pants. During resort season, you’re likely headed somewhere pretty warm, so stay cool and look amazing in linen pants. Sure, they may wrinkle a little more than another fabric, but that can give them character, or you can pack a portable steamer along with you if it bothers you.

Versatile Footwear 

It’s essential to protect your feet but also stay comfortable depending on the climate of where you’re headed. It’s worth taking at least one pair of men’s casual sneakers, a pair of sandals, and possibly a loafer that can be dressed up on nights where you need to be a little more elevated for whatever the event you’re attending is. While some men balk at sandals, this is outdated on fashionable footwear.

Plenty of design houses make gorgeous leather slides; icons like Birkenstocks are “in” again and can be seen on celebrities and models alike. The verdict is still out on Crocs, but plenty of celebs rock those too. Just make sure you pack enough options for all the possible adventures you will go on, depending on your resort locale. 

Classic Tees

Whether you opt for a few crispy and new white tops, white linen or cotton button-down, or anywhere in between the two, you want to have some fresh and light-colored tops in your carry-on. Not only does the simplicity of tops like this make them versatile and easy to wear with multiple bottoms, but they also keep you comfortable in hot weather. There’s nothing quite as iconic as a white tee and jeans if you ask virtually anyone, so it’s worth investing in several high-end ones or keeping things frugal with a six-pack of white tees from Target – your choice, but they’re a must-have.

Surely you will have other things that need to be on your “must pack” list, but these essentials are the perfect starting point to get your travel packing list in order – for many, they may be all you need for your trip. Have fun and always travel in style. Happy Trails!