Get Outdoors With Snow Peak

The numerous lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 were long and boring, but one thing they did do was allow us to appreciate the little things in life, things that I’m sure we all took for granted. Whilst the majority of our daily activities were restricted, the one thing we were allowed to do was go outside, albeit locally. This encouraged people to explore their local area: wandering the green spaces that surround them and parts of their town they normally wouldn’t see. Since lockdown has ended, I’ve noticed people getting outside much more, not just in their own towns and cities, but travelling away to parts of the country they hadn’t previously been to either walk or camp.

As great as it is to see people exploring and enjoying the great British countryside, it comes with its dilemmas. Firstly, the need for outdoor gear, specifically cookware. This can often mean the difference between drinking out of a cup or out of your hands (I know which I’d rather choose). This is where Snow Peak come into their own.

Snow Peak have been creating mountaineering equipment since 1950, and made the move into camping equipment in the 1980s. Over the years they have created a community of people who all believe in the brands ethos and products, creating a path for communication to take place between consumer and brand. Thanks to this openness, Snow Peak continuously bring out products that only act on a functional level but help lift the camping experience.

I’ve picked out a few pieces that have been life savers on my camping trips, and also some bits I’ve currently got my eye on.

Titanium Aurora Bottle 800 Silver – £109

Trek 900 Aluminium – £28 Titanium Fork & Spoon Set – £27

Ozen Solo Table – £56

Pack & Carry Fireplace (Small) – £99

Written By Tom Loughran