Get a little closer to Tupac with Fila

For those that are ardent fans of the late Tupac Shakur, Fila has brought out a collaboration in partnership with the Shakura Estate, that should bring some nostalgic fashion joy to many of you. You can now wear a range of special edition collections all inspired by the rap legend. What more could you want?

We need to talk about Tupac: 

Back in 94’ a young man with tattoos and a very big diamond watch gave the finger to America, he didn’t care, this was Tupac. His enduring fashion influence came much from his confrontational attitude, whilst his energy gave the clothes he wore  a whole different context.

Tupac could move seamlessly between Hollywood and the fashion world, the first rapper that made a big impact, with a diverse fashion style. And no matter where he went, or where he played or what he did, the chains and bandannas remained.

The late rapper has, is and will always be an icon of socially conscious cool.

He is always prominent, with his distinctive fashion style copied, and followed by many in street life, influencers, designers and music artists. To say that the cultural legacy left by Tupac is unquestionable.

We come and go as obsessive followers of fashion trends, booth in streetwear and nostalgia, and some that have gone still leave that ultimate source of inspiration that is neither dated or too ostentatious, we can give credit to Tupac for the 90s obsessed creatives. Nobody flouted authority like Tupac.

Bringing a fashion that is still pounding the streets of bucket hats, Timberland boots and hoodies, Tupac’s style has stood the test of time. His influence on many things will be around in years to come.

The FILA x 2PAC collection has given us a throwback to some of Filas original recreations of iconic clothing, brought out of the archives and ultimately inspired by pieces that Tupac would have worn. Bringing you tracksuits logo-laden t-shirts, shorts, vests, camo jackets, shorts and symbolic bandanas, and to finish off, who could forget that the collection would be highlighted by Tupac’s Fila sneaker of choice the Grant Hill 2.

We are highlighting one of Filas collaborations items, the Tupac tracksuit. Comprising a street style Tupac track jacket, with a Fila x 2 Pac logo branded and zip up front, just add the Tupac trackpants. Athletic wear and sneakers are once again the pinnacle of style, You’ll just want to wear this tracksuit a little snugger! The collection pays a tribute and esteem to Tupac Shakura with no doubt the generation of today still holds high.

Shop the FILA x 2PAC Collection here.