Gentlemen By Conduct

Our obsession with style here at MFM, seems to have been focused in the direction of high quality luxurious tailoring. The idea that a gent’s natural sophistication can be heightened dramatically with the addition of a well cut piece of tailoring, is one of the many reasons why we look to a good tailor to create something that will define us stylish men of the modern day. We are forever on the lookout for brands and designers that excel in such a way, that it allows us to constantly evolve our style and personal representation in regards to portraying a more sophisticated image of ourselves. One such brand that has been brought to my attention recently is Gentlemen by Conduct, a tailoring brand that is built around the ideals and ethos of its two co-founders and long time friends Matthew Oxborrow and Matthew McIntyre.

gbc 001

Whilst perusing around the GBC website I skipped to the ‘about us’ page, because it is important to see (and read) what a brand stands for and what represents them as a company. It came as no surprise that a brand so passionate about tailoring has many core beliefs which I myself personally hold dear also. It is a shared belief that the clothes a man wears speaks volumes about who he is and how he chooses to represent himself. What also struck was what they say on the website about a man, not just as a stylish individual but just as the man himself.

‘A man must care for himself and his actions, ever learning, ever improving, striving to successfully become the best version of his unique self in every aspect, from his to dress to his career, relationships, how he treats people and the joy he finds in living every moment of his life.’

One of the core beliefs within the brand is that irrespective of past and background, a man’s worth is defined by his conduct. They strongly believe (as do I) that the class shown in a man’s behaviour is what matters, not the social class in which he belongs. There is clearly no regard for social class here which is a refreshing thing to see, as a brand they look to the class and nobility a man brings from within as opposed to predefined falsities based on this idea of ‘social class’. There is no such thing as segregation with this brand, they hold dear this idea of inclusiveness and strive to bring luxury tailoring to men everywhere.

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You may be thinking that a good ethos and strong core values are great but does the product stand out on its own, easily understandable questions that are answered with three simple and honest words. Yes it does. While GBC prides themselves on a strong belief system, they also pride themselves on high quality product that is fit for the man who wears it. Their tailored jackets are of a remarkable quality, and visually appealing with a stylish finesse. Their two main fabrics that are the focus in regards to their jackets are Harris Tweed and Merino Lambswool, two fabrics which look and feel wonderful because of the high quality in which they are produced. These made to measure jackets that can be found on their website are made in London to the highest of standards. Each jacket is custom made to your measurements for a perfectly tailored fit, and they are expertly hand crafted from the finest British materials with a super high standard of high quality tailoring.

gbc 003

As well as their tailoring skills they have a good eye in design when it comes to their pockets squares (one of my many accessory obsessions), they design these themselves and like the jackets are made in London and they are also hand printed and hand sewn. There is consistent evidence here that quality and craft is never compromised, and time and effort is put into every single item to make sure they are worthy of being in the hands (or on the backs) of the men who wear them. They enjoy being engaged in conversation and in the company of like minded individuals, for it is clear that this brand is keen to promote a good relationship with their clientele. This shows that they take what they do seriously but they also care about the gents that wear their products as well.

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Recently the GBC team had the pleasure of meeting and dining with X Factor judge Louis Walsh at a Kensington hotel in London. The team consisting of co-founders Matthew Oxborrow & Matthew McIntyre & Head Tailor Ivor Nylander of Nylander Couture, enjoyed lunch alongside engaging and entertaining conversation with the Irish funny man and music industry maestro. It was decided that Louis would have a Grey Harris Tweed Jacket made to his measurements so he tried one on for fit and GBC are hoping that the jacket may make an appearance on the X Factor live shows. A number of the handprinted, hand-sewn, English made, GBC Archer’s Sword Pure Silk Pocket Squares have also been passed on to Mr.Walsh’s X Factor stylist, so you may want to keep an eye out next time you tune in to the show.

gbc 005

One thing that makes this brand stand out even more is their travelling tailor service, which currently serves the areas of London and the east of England (Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex & Cambridgeshire). They offer many hundred’s of cloths to choose from, mostly Holland & Sherry but they also offer further luxury in the form of Zegna, Vitale Barberis, Bateman Ogden, Porter & Harding & Harrison’s of Edinburgh. This service includes the custom making of pieces such as shirts, suits, sports jackets & overcoats just to name a few. There is also a booking service on the website, so you can make an appointment for the one of a kind, personal service. Alternatively they offer up this email: should you need to send in a question or two.

gbc 006

Even working with a household a name, Gentlemen by Conduct clearly carry themselves like every man should, with poise, sophistication and a touch of fun too. They have the correct components for a successful brand with clear longevity already set as part of their future. I am very glad this brand was brought to my attention, and as Co-Editor of MFM you will already understand my obsession for style and my passion for luxury and high standards. So if you want to check out the brand and their products, then I simply must insist that you indulge in a little sartorial retail therapy by heading over to Gentlemen by Conduct without a moment’s hesitation.