Gentleman’s Guide to Buying Jewelry for Their Partner

Buying jewelry might seem pretty straightforward, but it’s not, especially if this piece is supposed to mean something or you want your partner to like it. If you want this piece to be special, you need to think about your purchase a bit before you make it. The following is a gentleman’s guide to buying jewelry for a partner.


A pretty pendant or nice necklace is a terrific gift idea for the special woman in your life. The next step is finding the right one. If your loved one likes pieces that are close to the neck, you want to stick to a 14″ necklace. If your partner likes a necklace near the hollow of the neck, then 20″ should be good. The next thing you should do is pay attention to the pendant and the necklace styles your loved one has. Ask yourself what the pendants have in common, like gems or gem shapes. Figure out the type of necklace your loved one likes; for example, find out if their necklaces are textured or smooth. Remember that every little detail counts.

Engagement Rings

Finding the right engagement ring can be challenging unless you narrow down your choices. The first thing you should do is find out if your partner has been looking for rings. Look at the search history or magazines around your place. You could also enlist the help of a friend or family members. You also want to pay attention to the type of metal your partner likes to wear, be it gold or sterling silver. Now, you should use traditional wisdom, like the fact that specific cuts are more popular than others when it comes to the diamond. For example, you can’t go wrong with emerald cut engagement rings since they’re a perennially popular option.

Eternity Rings

Buying an eternity ring is special. It marks a significant moment in your relationship, maybe the birth of a baby or the many years you two have been together. Making sure you purchase the right ring is vital. The first thing you should know is that the diamonds in these rings aren’t usually certified; they’re too small to go through the trouble, so it’s essential to go to a well-known jeweler. If you’re going to be pairing this ring with your partner’s wedding ring, then it’s important to match the style as much as possible. If not, the style is what matters. Look for something different that you don’t expect, like a twist design or something equally interesting.


If you want to buy your partner earrings, you have a few more things to think about. For example, you want to find out if your loved one likes gem earrings or not. Some people want their earrings to contain a precious stone, while others want something without stones. You’ll also want to consider the style. There are only a few styles, like the stud, hoop, drop, and chandelier. Look through some of your partner’s earrings to find out which style your partner prefers. You’re bound to find some answers there. The next thing you may want to think about is color. You can go for your partner’s birthstone, but you could also find a color that matches your partner’s eyes or skin undertones.


Getting a bracelet for your loved one could be a good idea, too. Choosing the right one depends on who your partner is. Think about the way your partner wears bracelets, and let that guide your decision. For example, if your partner loves to be active, then elegant bracelets may not be the best option. You might want to go for sport-like bracelets or maybe leather bracelets, which are sturdy and can hold up to an active lifestyle. If you’ve noticed your partner loves to dress up for events, dinners, and whatnot, then your choice should be something more elegant. Bracelets could have symbols on them if you want, but if your partner loves simple jewelry, then choose something understated.

Hopefully, this guide makes it easier to choose the right piece for your partner, no matter the occasion. Take your time with your decision, and you’ll find something nice.