Using Games To Help With Boredom

We’ve all been there, and gathered all you need to know how to get rid of your boredom, including here are gambling/betting, rpg, virtual games and more. We’ve got to kill and we’re not sure what we should do with our time. Sure, we can spend time browsing social media or getting some ‘banter’ started in our friends Whatsapp group but why not have some fun?

Now before you start questioning the topic of this article, we of course recommend using your time wisely. Reading educational books, listening to Podcasts or watching inspiring/motivating documentaries is obviously recommended but sometimes it’s good to unwind.

Sometimes it’s good to have fun…

So what games should you opt for to help cure boredom, here’s what we’d recommend.

1. Mobile Games

You have an abundance of fun waiting for you at your finger tips. Think back to the old days of the Nintendo Gameboy or the original PSP, playing games on the move was a luxury. Now? You can literally download your favourite game on your phone and within minutes be setting new high scores.

The downside to games on mobiles today is how congested the market is. You’ll spend longer browsing through all of the games and deciding the one right for you. You’ll download a few, play sbobet88 gambling games and a couple of time and then delete them once you realise they’re wasted on your home screen.

mobile games

Choose wisely. What game will you spend your most time on? What game will get you excited? What are some of the highest rated games right now?

To think you can play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on your iPhone still amazes me…

2. A Cheeky (But Responsible) Bet

The feeling and the adrenaline of placing a bet and winning is something we’ve all probably experience before, and that thrill can be fun.

If the Football is fast approaching a 3pm, a bet will always liven up the games you’ll tend to not be interested in. To think Vegas is at your finger tips as well with gambling websites and applications, it’s fun to play solo but even more exciting to get friends involved. From online roulette to a game of blackjack bet responsibly.

sports bet

Please play responsibly though. Don’t bet over your limit and use it as a treat. Play every now and then, not every hour.

3. Switch Off

Who said you need technology to have fun? As my Grandad would say… “You don’t need those devices to have fun”.

It’s good to switch off every now and then, leave your phone at home and go out and have fun. Local parks, days out with the kids, a pub lunch with your friends and even day experiences you’ve never tried before will all help you cure some boredom.

We can get caught in a digital trap. Checking our phones when we wake up, then checking them every 10 minutes after that and sleeping with our phones by our side. Switch off. Go and explore the many options you have to have fun with games outside of the digital world.


4. Do Something Random

We can fall into routine too easily. When was the last time you did something random? Something spontaneous?

Book a last minute flight to somewhere on the weekend (you can get flights for less than ¬£50 return nowadays), book a table at your favourite restaurant, ring an old friend you haven’t seen for a while, book a new class doing something you love…

It’s important to always try and get out of routine when you can.

Being spontaneous is good.

So what will you choose to have some fun when you next have some downtime?

Let us know in the comments below.