G-LAB AW15 Collection: Urban Design For Urban Adventures

You don’t have to embark upon an expedition to the North Pole or attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to be an adventurer. Often, the most fascinating sights are to be seen a little closer to home.

Björn Gericke, founder of G-Lab, has always been driven by this philosophy: as he states, the brand is “intrigued by people and their urban adventures”. From Stockholm to New York, from Tokyo to Toronto, exposing ourselves to the everyday in the metropolises around the world creates a whole new meaning to the term ‘adventure’.

lab 1

Whilst it may be hard to say goodbye to summer, the release of G-Lab’s AW15 collection is one way to soften the blow. Designed to accommodate the unpredictability of the weather, the collection makes the most of multilayer fabrics of the highest quality, technical expertise, and supreme attention to detail. The results are unique garments that are as functional as they are fashionable.

lab 2

The collection is defined by its urban, contemporary street style, enabling you to achieve that understatedly stylish, carefree look. Steering away from fashion gimmicks and massive logos, the brand and design remain distinct.

Amongst the impressive collection of jackets and coats, the Cosmo stands out. While it is weather-proof, breathable and practical, the jacket is also a fashion statement in its own right. Combining elegance and sophistication with a carefree edge, the jacket has been designed with the style-conscious travelling businessman in mind.

lab 3

Another highlight of the collection is the Field jacket, which guarantees maximum protection against the elements. Casual and laidback, yet somewhat daring, this jacket is perfect for all year round, wherever life takes you.

lab 4

Other outer-garments include the Expedition, a bold winter jacket designed for weather extremities. The Commander is a tough jacket that seamlessly combines a military style with a more relaxed look. The Moto exudes luxury; the large rabbit-fur collar is synonymous with the finer life.

lab 5

How can G-Lab boldly claim that their garments are ‘weatherproof’? The clothing range has been designed with the upmost attention to detail. All seams are waterproof taped. The reflective stripes ensure greater safety after dark. Hoods are completely adjustable and have a perfect fit in even the stormiest conditions. The ‘Active Ventilation Panel’ guarantees excellent comfort and wearability when temperatures are on the rise. The result: no more sweating, no more shivering, no more surrendering to everyday challenges.

G-Lab are driven by the idea that we should embrace the extremes of weather. And there’s nothing like treating yourself to shake of those remaining winter blues. Take a browse through the collection.