Fun First Date Ideas to do this Autumn

Stuck for date ideas? Running out of restaurants after countless empty Tinder dates? It gets difficult to impress on a date in this day and age with social media and high expectations, but sometimes it’s best to draw it right back to the basics. With these fun date ideas, you’ll be perfecting the dating game in no time. As long as you remember your manners and gentlemanly behaviour, you’re set.

Outdoors Cinema

Why stay cooped up inside a stuffy cinema when you can embrace nature and watch your favourite film in some of your favourite locations. Find your nearest Outdoor Cinema online and woo any date with this creative and fun idea. As the chill of the evening draws in, grab the blankets and hot chocolate to keep warm and cosy.


Catching a sunny day can be rare as the cold approaches, but when you see those rays peeking through the clouds, grab your basket and head for the nearest park or field. Prepare some fresh bread, dips, fresh fruit and maybe a bottle of fruity wine to create a light and refreshing treat. You can’t go wrong when you’re basking in the sun, looking up at the clouds and sipping on your favourite wine- especially when you have great company.


If you aren’t an outdoorsy person, maybe staying in the plush warmth of a movie theatre is your best bet. Grab yourself two cinema tickets and take your date to watch the latest blockbusters. Try and keep it on the tame side- you don’t want to scare them away too soon with your screams.

Cocktail Making

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? What’s even better is learning how to make those delicious treats and being able to show off at any party or pre-drinks. Keep your afternoon busy with the fun, and exciting, shaking and stirring of the martini’s and colada’s.

Crazy Golf

Relive your childhood memories by heading over to your local crazy golf course and battle it out to see who can get the most hole-in-ones. Be the hero of the putting green, or accept the challenge as your date clubs you with defeat. Everyone loves a bit of competitie angst to rile up the tension.

Art Gallery

For a mellow and chilled date, treat them to a visit to the local art gallery and have a leisurely stroll through its wondrous halls. Whether you’re a fan of the arts, or just a lover of all things beautiful, the Museums and Galleries offer a whimsically romantic atmosphere. There’s nothing more romantic than a date picked straight out of a romance novel.

Whether you’re an outdoors or indoors lover, we hope you find success in our date ideas for this Autumn. Just remember, treat them with the utmost respect and shower them with compliments and gentlemanship. After all, there is nothing more attractive than a true gentleman.