French Connection AW13

When autumn and winter come around, the folks here at MFM get a little excited because for some of us this time of year is our favourite. ‘Why?’ you may ask, well the answer is simple: layering. Layering is a must when it gets cold, and this gives us the excuse to wear more clothes than normal. If you hadn’t already guessed, we all love clothes here and we all have our own favourite brands. There are a small amount of brands that we agree on unanimously, and one of those brands in particular is French Connection. So you can only guess how delighted we were when we got sent the press release telling us all about their AW13, wallets were opening even before it was read. I was tempted to try and swipe my card in my laptop out of sheer excitement, but we all know that doesn’t work. So we will have to shop it the old fashioned way – online.

The new AW13 collection is all about showcasing updated combinations of tailoring and outerwear, two staple pieces of menswear this season. There is a hint of a slightly sporty theme, more rugged than athletic which suits the mood of many of the masculine styles cropping up. We are also happy to see that they have been embracing the autumnal colour palettes of burnt orange, mustard yellows, and deliciously vibrant burgundy’s and maroons. They also feature monochromatic elements fused with a clean preppy look with extra texture with the use of contrast fabrics, embroidery and repeat patterns.

We can all feel it getting colder so you will be glad to hear that French Connection are including chunkier knits and quilted jackets to the mix. The look is modern, contemporary with a big hint of military silhouettes that are slim, slick and sharp. If you take a look online you will see the variety on offer here is substantial and we don’t get to say that about many well known brands. French Connection are well informed on diversity and transitional pieces and this has been translated effortlessly into their new seasonal collection. Take a look at some of our favourite pieces for inspiration, it is Christmas soon so you may want to treat yourself, or treat someone else. However we won’t judge if you just decide to treat yourself, we do it all the time.




If you want to take a further look at the extensive range online, then head over to French Connection now.