FRATERNITÉ | The new ‘DAWN’ capsule is here to awaken you.


Fraternité is a term derived from French, which translates to “fraternity” in English, it embodies the true spirit of fraternity, emphasising the principles of brotherhood, solidarity, and unity among individuals. So along comes Fraternitié, a clothing company with a difference, co-founded by best friends and a network of stylists, fashion guys and great photographers to give you guys the true spirit of fraternity.

Fraternity for guys in fashion is a dynamic blend of personal style, and a shared sense of identity, and a unique relationship that goes beyond mere clothing choices, colours play a significant role in expressing the identity, pride, and develop their distinct style, incorporating specific clothing items, colours, and symbols that represent their values and traditions. And who doesn’t love a symbol or emblem on their clothing, it’s a way of showing off, to a certain degree, self-expression, to point out that the clothes they are wearing in as important as the brand itself and affiliations, traditional symbols, such as Greek letters and emblems, are prominently displayed on clothing items, representing the fraternity’s rich history and heritage.

Fraternity fashion also embraces current trends and personal style, allowing members to express their individuality while adhering to the overall aesthetic of the way you dress and it is common to see members sporting a mix of casual and formal attire, depending on the occasion. From tailored trousers and blazers for formal events and ceremonies to comfortable and relaxed attire for casual gatherings, fraternity members adapt their fashion choices to reflect the specific context, while adhering to the overall aesthetic of the fraternity. 

The Dawn capsule has a wide range of clothing that blend and glide into summer, giving you athletic influences along with wearable but noticeable streetwear. With colours that are an epitome of summer, in pastel blues, pinks checks, shirts, co-ords for summer in the city, with alfresco eating and bars, dusky pinks in shirts and shorts for day-to-evening wear, logo t-shirts you can wear over or under anything emblazoned with ‘Franternite’, cargo trousers, and a selection a gear in black if you’re into a bit of mix-and-match,  if the all pastel look is too much for you. The brand carries its symbol with an interlocking F that you will find carried across a Bermuda short twin-set, silky shirts, lasered across an oversized boxy denim jacket and kick-flared jeans, there is nothing like a symbol to get noticed.

And the good news is that the denim collection has been upcycled, you’ll find that this includes  re-constructed jeans with the contrasting  patchwork panels. The denim jacket, and kick flared jeans have also been also been made from up-cycled plastic.

Fraternity fashion is characterised by a blend of classic and contemporary elements. Traditional symbols, such as Greek letters and emblems, are prominently displayed on clothing items, representing the fraternity’s rich history and heritage. These symbols serve as a visual representation of brotherhood, instantly identifying fraternity members and creating a sense of belonging. Take a look at this amazing brand, and we’ll guarantee that there’s something for everyone.