FRANK’S RED HOT: Blow their tops on Valentine’s day

Love your spicy food? Did you know that eating spicy food can cause a “high” The sensation of spice comes from the chemical compound capsaicin, which actually makes the peppers hot! Then, the chemical release causes some people to associate eating their delicious hot foods with happiness, creating a high, similar to that great feeling you can get after exercising! 

So all the more reason to invest this weekend and time to turn up the heat with this Frank’s RedHot Valentine’s Gift Set, and what a great way to spice up you and your partners Valentines night! The ultimate gift for all you chilli addicts, spicy foodies or those that want to try something different in the kitchen. 

With one bottle of Frank’s Fire Roasted Jalapeño Craft Hot Sauce, a medium heat sauce developed by combining fire-roasted peppers, roast garlic and lime to liven and will add a signature zest to a variety of dishes and recipes. Like grilled chicken, stuffed peppers, add to salads and those great nachos and tacos! Full of flavour, you can enjoy the taste of this crisp jalepeño flavour in every bite.

One bottle of Frank’s RedHot Original Sauce that comes with a donkey’s kick of heat and a wild explosion of flavour. Mexican grown cayenne peppers, and garlic powder is a must-try for all you chilli addicts to give as a great gift. Frank’s Red Hot original pepper is even one of the top ingredients in the original Buffalo Wings created in Buffalo N.Y in 1964. 

Try this one as a condiment with melted cheese on chicken wings, burritos, fajitas and whatever else you want to spice up or just put it on everything!

Finally, a little treat in the gift box is a pair of Chilli Print Socks, to keep, of course his or her feet hot!

If you want to go that extra bit further, Frank’s also has the ultimate gift set, go for the RedHot Personalised Gift Set, just add the name when ordering!

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