For when you need time on the one hand and precision on the other

Elusive times in 2020 when probably the only time you looked at the time was on the wall, but now you need something a little more mechanical and objective and everything Nordgreen does, has that priceless, timeless effort, delivering an abundance of brilliant new timepieces.

The Pioneer Brown Sunray Dial Watch was designed by Jakob Wagner for a timeless look, indeed brown and gunmetal casing is an unbeatable combination, especially on a watch as refined and sophisticated as this one. The Pioneer is a take on a Chronograph, and celebrates the Danish tradition of Science for Humanity, which helps working towards a greener future and a positive change for all of us. 

Pioneer Brown Sundial Watch:

A classic 316L stainless steel case material, black interchangeable leather vegan strap, and the minimalist cleans dial is an absolute stunner in brown that goes with the flow of the sustainable environment that we all want to live in. And on those lines, the third hand is a stopwatch and the Chronograph second hands, give a nod to the red tips on wind turbines.

This is the bond that Danish Nordgreen has with it’s sustainable outlook to it’s beautiful homeland. In fact Denmark is one of the leading countries in wind power, and currently  generates half its energy from wind. It is of course water resistant up to 5ATM and rain resistant.

If you’re looking for a change from brown, they have a great variety of dial colours: green sunray, blue, black and white, and four different case colours: gun metal, gold, gold rose and silver. 

If we’re really honest, the main appeal of a chronograph is its aesthetics. Chronographs watches serve a specific purpose, this is essentially what they are for, all those registers on the dial and the pushers on the side bring a certain steadiness and primary appeal. And Nordgreen timepieces tell the time accurately, it is a testament to Jakob Wagner who has the ability to bridge the gap between great aesthetics and functional watches, with intensive research, design and recreation has gifted him the ability to convey precision, passion and performance through enduring. There was no better man for the job to design the Nordgreen  range of minimalist Scandinavian watches.

Nordgreen gives back, together in respecting their community and the people around them, is the core that the Danes uphold with tenacity. Incorporating these values in the brand the vested a Giving Back Program. Each watch that they sell empowers their customers to give back to one of three causes. The unique serial number provided on the back of each watch allows Nordgreem to track the impact that your donation has made.

This is a lot of watch for the price point, and Nordgreen are offering a discount value up to 35% online using the code: MFM35

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