Five Gifts Ideas for Men

Five Gifts Ideas for Men

Men aren’t that difficult to buy gifts for, but they do want nice, simple things. It can be easy to mess it up if you buy something they just don’t want. Still there are a few items that unite men because they are high-quality objects that make most men happy. When you’re dumbfounded about what to buy a particular man in your life, start with these ideas and go from there based on what he is into.

Top-Shelf Booze

If the guy likes to drink, he probably won’t be disappointed by a top-shelf bottle of liquor, wine, or beer. Buying fancy beverages is something that you only really spring for on special occasions. It makes it extra fun, drinking becomes something more than consuming alcohol to get intoxicated. You will be having a more refined experience. Most men don’t want to spend the money on a nice bourbon, a spiced rum, or a high-end bottle of gin, but when they are bought a bottle as a gift it is that much more tasty and intoxicating.

A Nice Watch

When it comes to watches, the sky’s the limit. Watches can be very cheap or obscenely expensive. Not only is a nice watch a symbol of success, it is an item that most people appreciate as an accessory to bust out at weddings and other special events. Is the guy interested in the finer things? An expensive accessory like a watch separates the men from the boys. It will be greatly appreciated not just for its price but for its significance to the place that they’re in their life.

Bedroom Items

It’s no secret that men love sex. If your boyfriend or husband has been talking about trying something new in the bedroom or has expressed interest in a sex toy, surprising him with a new bedroom item will likely put you on his good side. It might even end up being a gift for you too, men love lingerie. For those who are extra adventurous, look into a strap on dildo. Whatever he is into, there are a wide variety of toys to buy as a gift for any guy.

Motorized Vehicles

Of course men like motorized vehicles. They are more expensive than most gifts, but if you have the money something to drive will make most men unbelievably happy. Whether it’s a new car, an ATV, a motorized scooter, a go-kart, or a Sea Doo, springing for a motorized vehicle is a gift the guy won’t forget anytime soon. When you see him with a giant smile on his face driving that thing, you will be happy you spent the money on a pricey but awesome gift.

Outdoor Gear

Outdoor gear is varied and versatile. If the guy you’re buying a gift for is into hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, and any other outdoor or extreme sport, picking up a particular piece of outdoor gear will inspire him to spend time with his friends and disconnect from the stress of daily life. Even if you have no interest in the outdoors or any of the activities you can do there, it will show you want him to be happy. The gesture is huge, but he will surely love the outdoor gear because most men who love nature are total nerds about it.

Men typically like a few things. Some of the gifts they’d like can be expensive, but that’s because men like clothes and jewelry less than women. They do like expensive accessories like ties and watches. While these gift ideas don’t suit all men, especially the advanced bedroom gifts, they are a place to start.

Think about the box and do some research about what the guy you are looking to buy for loves. His interests will probably be in plain sight. Paying attention to the details of those interests is what sets apart a good gift giver. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in the item, if it will make him happy and show that you paid attention to the things he’s interested in, you will be doing more than buying a gift. You will be showing him your interest in what he likes not because you like it, but because you want him to enjoy himself. The gesture and gift itself will come together and you will blow him away.

Ryan Beitler is a writer, journalist, and blogger who has been published on many sites and magazines including Paste Magazine, The Slovenia Tim