Five Accessories Every Man Should Have

Fashion isn’t at the top of a lot of men’s priority list, but if dressing well is your thing or you want to start dressing better, there are many ways you can improve your overall look. One way to do that is to accessorize. With the right accessory, you can change your look and put a great outfit together with casual clothing. Whether you’re laid-back or are dressing up for a special occasion, below are five accessories that every man should have in their closet.


Whenever you dress up in a suit, you need a nice tie. Men’s ties are an accessory, but they can bring an entire outfit together. Even if you aren’t wearing a jacket, you can class up your button-up shirt with either a traditional tie or bow tie. Whether the occasion is a wedding or a night out on the town, a nice tie will make a huge difference compared to a cheap one. Trust us–people will notice! They can tell the difference even if they aren’t into fashion. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, every man should have a nice tie waiting in the closet for the right moment.


You probably have a cheap pair of sunglasses, but when you spend the money on a really nice pair you and others will notice. The difference between a great pair of sunglasses and a cheap one is huge. They feel better on your face. They look better and give you confidence. There are options, too, like transition lenses or prescriptions. Not only will you look great in a nice pair of sunglasses, but you will protect your eyes and give yourself a chance to hide your emotions when you need to. Whether it’s a designer pair of sunglasses or a rugged pair of outdoor glasses, a nice pair can tie together any outfit and help you look your sleekest.

A Watch

A watch is the sign of class, wealth, and sophistication. While watches simply tell the time, they are a work of art. Nice watches are an investment. They are a sign of success and confidence. There are watches for every price point, but if you want to treat yourself to something nice you should think about buying a watch. Every man should have a decent watch to put on for nice occasions and evenings out. Watches are a great way to do something nice for yourself that people will respect. With a fine watch, you have a work of craft that you will be proud of every time you put it on.

A Fine Pen

While it isn’t an accessory that you wear, a nice pen will be an impressive thing to bust out whenever you want to show off. When you are signing a document, pulling out a nice pen will show that you mean business. It will show that you value nice things. A beautiful pen is an accessory that every man of any sort of status should have. Not only do they look great, but they also feel better. They will last a lifetime. Like watches, if you want to invest in something nice you should think about buying a nice pen. It is also a work or art and a craft that is appreciated by many.

A Nice Wallet

A wallet may not be an accessory, it is in some ways compulsory, but if you go above and beyond to find a nice wallet you will be noticed for it. A fine wallet also shows your status and sophistication. You can show your wealth by what you put your money in. If you want to treat yourself to something nice and already have a pen and a watch, why not go for a nice wallet? It will last forever and provide a sense of sophistication that few things offer.

Accessories may seem unnecessary, but they are some of the best items if you want to round out an outfit or make a statement. If you want to impress business partners, showing up with a nice wallet, watch, or pen will likely do the job. If you want to look good and accent outfits, why not buy a tie or a pair of sunglasses? There are so many ways to elevate how you appear to people. With a nice accessory, you can dress casually and still be taken seriously. Accessories modify your look and how you come across to others. Every man should have these accessories in their c